Alloy wheels

How much are alloy wheels for the Twizy?

Renault site says £300

Would that be £300 per wheel?

Per set of four. However not sure if that includes tyres and as these are in short supply there may be a proble with getting a set.

no that does not include tires, they will want to reuse your old ones. I had them put on a new set on mine took two weeks to arrive, if any one is interested I have a spare set of four tires only done 1500 miles that I am looking to sell

Can you PM me your price please?

looking for about £300 for Wheels, Hubcaps & Tiyers

I paid £98 for 1 front alloy + vat

So going by the Renault web site prices it is Buy 3 get one free.:lol:

Hi all, I ordered a Twizy with steel wheels, thinking to pick up alloys later if I find them used for a decent price. Just saw this single one available, but it’s missing the center cap. Would that negatively affect anything?
Photo here:

Only looks? What good is one wheel to you?:wink:

Well if I find a few more over time for less than €100 each, then I’d save some cash. The one pictured is only €40. A new set of 4 is €400