Almost exploding 12v Battery

So this happened this morning while the Twizy was on charge!

Please give more details. Thanks.

This happened during a standard Twizy charge, it dumped all the acid out the battery and as you can see, wasn’t far from completely exploding

A normal charge !!
How did you find out the acid leak etc as the battery isn’t visible where it is located. We will all have to look out for this problem.

I smelt it and since it was in the garage I could see a puddle on the floor where it drained out through the little battery tray. This is a late 2012 car, same battery from new. The only other sign would be the battery and thus the system was dead after the full charge (obviously). I think with adequate ventilation you wouldn’t smell it or notice it boiling dry

typically the life span of a battery is around six years, there is a thread on here with many of us 2012 twizy owners having to replace out auxiliary battery, interestingly I heard Renault changing the aux battery on Zoe’s also that are around 4 plus years old.

One of the first symptoms of a problem with the battery is a rotten egg smell. As the battery wears, some of the acid and water may evaporate which will disturb the mixture. This may cause the battery to overheat or boil, which will produce an unpleasant smell, and even smoking in more severe cases.

can you tell us a bit more about your twizy , is it in daily use , how often do you charge?

potentially there could be a problem with the charger providing too much current in to a depleted old battery.

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Mine is also an early 2012 car. It has just under 14K miles on the clock. I use it most days. I recently had trouble starting the Twizy but I knew it was the 12V playing up. So I changed it and it has been fine since.

Humm, same here - 12v battery died the other day on a cold morning as it wasn’t driven for 10days or so, plugged it in for a recharge and it has been working well since. Best I check it out since that’s not a failure you want on your hands. Thanks for sharing.

Since fitting my replacement battery with a Heavy duty golf buggy one my Twizy has been fine, not done many trips over the last 4 weeks and 12 volt has held up okay. Starts every morning and give it a run round the block.

Had mine (2012, 27.000 km) in for regular maintenance at the Renault dealer. They told me that one of the regular service actions was replacing the 12V battery.
(I let them do that)

Thanks for sharing, was there any noise associated with it which also alerted you? How did you remove the 12v, I imagine with the acid leaking very carefully

Yes the 12V battery is supposed to get changed after 5 years. Mine is due for it due to age as well.

I have just discovered the same problem - having charged up a discharged 12V it has distorted the battery. I have the removed the terminals but the front gap is too tight to remove the old battery. Is removing the plate on the underside the only way of easily removing the battery. Obviously as distended I don’t want to force and spray acid everywhere!

if the battery hasn’t split open then there is little chance of acid leaking out of the battery , you should be able to squeeze it out.

Yes the local Renault dealer could not remove mine due to a too big volume. It could never, never come out the normal way.
They removed/cut the underside/bottom of the battery compartiment. And hammered it into shape afterwards.
Otherwise they needed to dismantle the whole front, steering gear included.

Replying to an old thread, but the same thing happened to my 12v battery the other day, and my Twizy is just 1year old.

My dealer said they’d never heard of this happening before at all.
The only explanation I have, is that I have the Powerbox, and I’ve set it to charge the main batteries to ~80% (not that this should matter, but that’s the only thing I can think of)

I was therefore wondering: to those whose 12v batteries have exploded/imploded? have you chipped or modified the Twizy in any way that could be cause of explanation for this to happen?

I was also thinking since Bartrop wrote that this happened when

Maybe the Powerbox draws too much current from the 12v battery, causing it to completely discharge? (my Twizy is in use every day, so I’d assume it’s supposed to recharge the 12v battery whenever I plug it in)

I’ve just created a post on this because I thought I was going mad. I had the bad smell the last few days and today it changed, I thought the Twizy was going to catch fire!
2013 Twizy

@evanslad Welcome to the club:grinning:

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