An excellent dealer - Bristol street Bradford

A few members seem to have had quite a few bad experiences width their garages, so I thought I’d put up some excellent service I recently received from my local garage in Bradford.

My Twizy went to hospital as its battery was totally flat. It turned out to be the hazard switch, the ‘twizy’ guru Vinnie, diagnosed it almost instantly, apparently the hazard switch is the same one they’ve been using for 15 years, originally making its appearance in the Clio.

I also asked is they could tap into the 12v battery to make is easier to charge if it ever goes flat again. So they have connected an adapter for me, All watertight and easily accessible, if you know where it is. No removing the front to charge it if it flattens again.

So that’s adapter, new hazard switch, oh and the mot for £60.40

He was also the chap who diagnosed a faulty charger for me, the biggest delay was getting it from Renault France.

Can’t recommend them enough.

They even wash it for me!

The Renault dealership in Cardiff Wales was also great to deal with given the heart transplant I had to see the poor Twizy go through. The repairs and parts replacements have been solid since, and the car is just a joy to drive :slight_smile: The parts warehousing is the biggest issue, France is not local and due to low volumes of the car, no one stocks the Twizy parts in the UK when it comes to a major component. Can’t really complain since they gave me a nice free rental until it was all fixed up :wink:

Great to hear some positives. People tend to complain too readily when things are not right, but seldom give credit where credit is due.
My local Renault dealer in Milton Keynes is great. They are always helpful and efficient in their service. That’s my experience anyway.