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An urban solution

Here is our solution to having the twizy without a garage or dedicated off street parking. I realised our front garden/patio was easily big enough to park it. So I had some gates/railings made and levelled off the patio to the pavement. Fortunately the curb is very low on our street. I can run an extension lead out of the front door to charge. We park it here when we are away.

However we mostly leave it on the street with a cover for convenience and because we mostly charge it at public charging points. These have the added advantage of free parking for most places we need to go. This is just a £20 halfords cover as recommended on this site. We have stitched in a clear window to display the parking permit and tax disc. Touch wood it has deterred vandals so far.

To add further encouragement to potential Twizy owners, here is my urban solution with on-street charging facility in action.

These are both cool examples of using an EV when you don’t have a proper drive. Jmayo, what is that you’re using, just an outside extension cable?

This is great folks!

Although I have the luxury of a driveway and enough parking for about six twizys (I currently have the Twizy, the Leaf and the Prius) I don’t have a garage. I always wondered how those of you in Central London and other major cities coped! :slight_smile:

I’m especially interested in the latter solution since my friend Adam has just received a free CityEl from another of my friends. (The roof has now been completely crushed, so he’s turned it into a topless runabout)

He lives in the centre of town, so doesn’t have any off-street parking, but does have a tree outside the house. Maybe a cable through the tree might work?

That said, the former solution is really eloquent and tidy too!

Yes I made it up myself, some heavy duty 13 amp cable 10 metres long and an exterior weather proof socket tucked under one of those cable ramps. Seems to work fine, just hope the foxes don’t try to chew through it.