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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

And if we cut the wings of the Twizy?

I have a new idea : roughly, the aim is to add an openable little part at the rear and to shorten the door to have more little windows to imagine. I explain better in my blog but this picture should be enough.

I like the reduced height and the rear quarter light/door. Making the doors lighter so they open better.

However by doing this the main door has no where to latch onto like it does now - to the main chassis. This would reduce the safety provided by the doors and might allow them to flap or vibrate more.

Really the same goes with the new rear door. It will be hard to simply hinge and latch into place. Unless it moves right out of the way then the passenger will struggle to get out and bang into the open door.

Interesting idea and the rear window has been shown to reduce both wind on the passenger and drag.

Keep going.

All you say is right… To keep all the system safe and rigid is maybe possible but needs heavy locks and no additional weight is welcome… It’s an idea to try to think differently the side windows.

Following this idea to think differently the windows, I would like to show you my foldable rigid windows http://lifeintwizy.blogspot.fr/2014/01/my-foldable-windows-for-my-twizy.html