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Annoying bleeping

Who else hates that annoying bleeping sound when you are in drive (or reverse) and not pressing the accelerator or brake?

I end up knocking it into Neutral, rather than pressing the brake.


I’m not familiar with other evs but the Twizy does not behave exactly like an automatic, that is it will not creep forward when in drive like regular cars where you have to keep your foot on the brake to stay stopped. The twizy is just warning you that although youve stopped you could begin drifting backwards and also that the accelerator is still live. I agree that this beeping happens too soon before i naturally step on the brake and it is kind of nannying me as a driver but it makes sense.
if only it would beep when I’ve left the keys in the ignition, since the motor is already off and my other Renault is keyless I have done this on more than one occasion.

I agree it is slightly annoying, although can see why they’ve done it. Not sure what you could do instead to warn the driver that it is still in drive mode?

I looked through the manual initially to see why this occurred, but couldn’t find it.
I figured why, I think it expects you to hold the brake, but you become paranoid about wasting electric :smiley:

As the brake lights and beeper are ran from the 12v Battery it will not have any affect on range when in normal use. Although the 12V battery will get topped up from the Traction battery this will not affect it much. Remember the 12V gets charged at the same time as the traction battery so after each recharge is full. The time it is used for is approx 2 hours. The brake lights will not drain that much, The heated windscreen and the head lights will use more of the 12v. Again unlikely to affect range.


Drive mine at night for the 1st time at the weekend. The headlights are excellent , especially for the performance.
Have you any idea how the charge system works? The car battery would soon drop voltage running all the electrics, it must have some kind of Ecu to manage all this, as you say the 58 v traction battery will not suffer much charging the 12 v one.

Sorry I have no details about the charging between batteries or how this is controlled. Although I have driven with the lights on and had to use the heated window when it fogged up in a rain storm I have not had the chance to use the lights when there are no street lights.

There is one thing you could check out and that is the type of 12V battery in use. Is it a Traction type battery or a leisure type? A thin plated leisure battery would be better for the discharge cycle it goes through.

A solar panel on the roof, for this 12V battery would be a good idea. In fact doesn’t the new leaf have this?


The annoying beeping is designed for two reasons:

  1. Because there’s no engine noise, it’s easy to forget the car is switched on and “in drive”. So the beeping helps remind you that the car isn’t parked when you get out of it and leave it switched on.

  2. It’s safer to keep your foot on the brake. I’ve been rear-ended before, and I believe these days driving instructors teach you to keep your foot on the brake at all times at traffic lights… unless you’ve switched to the parking brake. Simply put, if you’re sat there with no brakes on and someone hits you, you’ll go much further than if you get hit and you have your brakes on :slight_smile: