Annual Battery Rental Statement

Yesterday I received my Second Year Annual statement for the battery rental from Renault Finance. All the dates made sense and the month payments were fine. However the amount Financed was was over £2000. This is for Battery Rental only not the car.

I rang up and the computer there said that I still had £540 to pay back (last 12 months at £45) and the operator agreed with with me and his computer screen.
He then went on to say that they had had a number of queries like this and I should just ignore the letter.

Any one else had an odd Statement for Renault Finance?

Yep I had my letter too. Haven’t paid too much attention to it as I know what I’m paying.

So has anyone finished there 3 year contract, and if so what happens after that?


What happens if you exceed the mileage on the rental contract? How do Renault know? Do you need to send in a photo of the tachometer?

Is this annual or end of a 3 year contract?

Whichever. I’m in the process of buying a twizy and I’m just curious

I took out a 3 year lease and worried that I’d go over in the first year. I didn’t but I think they are more concerned about the 3 year use. When we took out the early contracts it was far far cheaper to take the cheapest rate and pay any excess. Even if this was a lot of miles. Not so sure now but then I don’t do more than 4000 miles a year.

There is no way for RCI to know what the mileage is unless a Renault garage records it on the records. After the 3rd year the MOT certificates show the mileage and I suppose they could ask to see proof from one of those.

I shouldn’t worry about it. You can always change the rate part way thorough the contract if you need more miles. Just go with the lowest monthly fee.

If on the other hand you have a ZOE etc then they do talk back to a central point and can be remotely disabled by Renault if you start to default on payments.

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so glad I do not have to worry about this :innocent: