Another new owner in Norfolk

Hi Twizy owners

I have just got my first Twizy, and the story of why is a good one, I race classic Minis and last week in Zolder Belgium I was offered a go in a Twizy to learn the track as it was a no noise closed track , But I was ok in the Twizy, after a few laps I fell in love with it, Got home on Sunday and found one to buy on the Monday, I am going to get her wrapped to jaz her up a bit, but so far me and my kids love it… This site is great to learn all I need to learn, as we run a race preparation company I am going to try and iron out the brake noise as like a thread on here its annoying …

Regards Jonathan

Welcome aboard. Norfolk being Flat (ter) is a great place to have a Twizy.

Norfolk is great!!
I have been there twice at Delorean get togethers.

Welcome to the group!

Welcome to the group - you will have lots of fun

1st thing most of us will recommend is getting the power box from @kennethnilsen69, really enhances the performance of the Twizy

Hi already ordered it :slight_smile: and I am looking at doing something on the sway bars to make the ride better but still handle well