Another Twizy owner in Denmark

I got a Topmodel Twizy last week from a local dealer.
Im enjoying the car so far and will soon upgrade the car with Parrot and 3D printed speaker brackets.


Hi congrats with the Twizy.
There are not many in Denmark.
But I have One😀

Where in Denmark are you located?

Congratulations Brian. Do yourself a BIG favour also - buy Kenneths Power Box. You won’t belive the difference in drivability.

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Sounds great. Do you know that you can but speaker brackets from They also sell speakers and a lot of other Twizy stuff as well.

Thanks, im living in Copenhagen - Valby

I have noticed the site before, thanks anyway.
Im a maker and inventor and like to build stuff, which is why i make my own speaker brackets and it will cost me 1 dollar in plastics too and the satisfaction is just priceless.