Anti draft rear windows

People sitting in the back of the Twizy will experience considerable draft when the Twizy is on the road.

Our friends on the German Twizy forum have done their research and came up with some interesting solutions. The flexible solution made it eventually to a webshop. HERE

Member ‘Dexter’, famous for his superb work making the OVMS a mighty add-on for the Twizy, made a small window of sturdy Macrolon. He connected the windows with Velcro to the Twizy. As can be seen HERE

Another member (‘Snorre’) had a pile of unused 6mm Macrolon lying around and he made a batch of windows for the other members for free. They only had do give proof they paid €30 to a charity of choice :relaxed:

Dexter uploaded a zip-file so members who wanted to saw themselves can use the enclosed formats to print the correct form for the windows on A3-paper. You can find that HERE

As I did not like the Velcro as he connection to the Twizy Alieexpress gave another solution. You get an idea of that result HERE

If still interested the zink alloy items can be ordered HERE

Did I mention that all credits go to Dexter and Snorre of the German Forum?

Thx for the info. Mutch appreciated.