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Anti lift alarm

Does anyone have this on their car? Is it worth getting?

I feel it could be a worthwhile bit of kit as small light cars are always targets to vandalism

then again we don’t live in Amsterdam where “smart tossing” is a sport…

I was thinking of getting one originally, but my dealer told me that the price didn’t include fitting and he couldnt tell me how much fitting would be. He was of course, completely wrong, as this would have been added on at the factory and been included in the price. So I didn’t end up getting any accessories, as I was scared of getting a big bill for fitting them all. Which is annoying, as I would probably have gone for the mudguards, netting, parrot bluetooth and the anti lift alarm.

Anyway, so far I’ve not had any problems not having the anti-lift alarm, and most people tend to stay well clear of it, admiring from afar. I’ve not had, as far as I know, anybody try and move it, lift it up, sit in it etc.

Car alarms are pointless now anyway as most people only go to investigate after it goes off repeatedly with the thought “if that stupid alarm keeps going off I will take a hammer to it”

Any criminal (bright enough to see the value in a Twizy as salvage) wanting to lift it would be organised enough to get it gone, alarm or not-just ask many a biker who has had theirs lifted with a pole through each wheel and chucked in a refrigerated (and therefore insulated enough to be virtually soundproof) van.

Big difference between a Bike and the Twizy is the weight and the Handbrake. The Twizy is nearly 500Kg with the electronic handbrake it is not as easy as it first appears to lift it.

Pallet truck/pair of big jacks to lift/move it onto tail lift of fridge truck, spray floor with WD40/oil then slide or winch car into back, shut door, off you go.
Two people, 1 minute.

Bye bye Twizy.

Right off to buy a big chain to put through the Twizy and attach to a lampost etc. :smiley:

Liquid nitrogen, hammer. Chain shatters.

By bye Twizy.

Oh, I’m no the Twizy owners forum resident car crim by the way-I need to know this stuff!!

I’m over-complicating it :rolleyes:

Bolt cutters, winch onto trailer with greased ramp, off you go :lol:

Twizy for sale before it is nicked :lol:

Maybe I should delete this thread? Don’t want to start giving people ideas…

Anyone thought of signing up to the Tracker network?

I have, but not sure I could justify the cost.

I like the idea that if I had a tracker, and drove past a stolen tracked car, my care would alert the police to it. The down side is you will never know if you have helped all those people.

I now await you all to slate the tracker service now. :rolleyes:

Thought Liquid nitrogen was for drinking?

Damned cocktails melted my brain

If my car gets nicked, I don’t want it back-who knows what has been done to it and it would be classed as stolen/recovered when I came to sell it.
Tracker is good for helping the police and getting cheaper insurance, but would you want your stolen car back or a nice shiny replacement?

I have a tracker on one of my cars, if I drive off without the fob, they call me within 300 metres without fail. If you don’t know the passwords, the police are called immediately. The systemis very good and costs £200 a year to maintain.
Not sure on the initial installation cost.

I’d certainly recommend the alarm. I have one on Topher, and it’s certainly VERY LOUD.

You can adjust the sensitivity too, in case it keeps getting blown around too much. :o

It behaves like a motorcycle alarm. If you knock the car, it beeps once. Keep rocking/moving it and it goes crazy. It also prevents folks from getting in and sitting in the driver’s seat!

The down side? It needs to be fitted with the battery pack out. :frowning:

At the moment the only factory fitted parts on the Twizy are the doors and the clear sky roof. With regards to fitting the alarm I am not sure of the labour cost or whether the battery does need to be taken out. I will find this out soon as I am getting one fitted in early december