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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

"Anti-lock brakes"?


In many twizy-adverts on motors.co.uk it is claimed that they have “Anti-lock brakes”.
http://www.motors.co.uk/car-33441242/sp This one has also “Power-assisted steering” and “Driver seat height adjustment”.
Why is that? The Renault-dealers should know their cars. Can’t you deselect those options at motors.co.uk?


Just shows you they are idiots.

Not Renault dealers surely askho?
It just CAN’T be…:lol:

Oh yes, it CAN. Probably the same one you CHOSE to use. Haha

Blo0dy was an’ all :lol:
Renault Leicester supplied it, Callow Marsh Renault Hereford “looked after” it after then…:rolleyes: