Any e-up owners on here?

Collecting my new e-up on Wednesday. Any top tips?

Strangely enough I was at the local VW dealer looking at e-up and e-golf, just anticipating upgrading in the future.
Let us know how you get on with the e-up.

Will do.

Yep please do. I’m a fan of VW, the Golf GTE was actually a great drive when I tested it. Never tried an e-up! though but seems like it would the more sensible alternative to a Twizy lol.

Hi @James,

Dunno about sensible, I’ve loved having my Twizy for over 2 years and fairly gutted to see it go. Still, part of me is looking forward to the novelty of being able to take the whole family out and about on electric.

Also not enamoured with the name of the e-Up… as my kids have already christened the new car “giddy”. For a small black, sporty little thing it now has a dumbass name :rolling_eyes:

I’ll post some pics when I get it.


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