Any girls out there?


I took delivery of Torchy last Friday. I’ve been using the owners site to find insurance (thank you very much), and now a sun visor (ditto). However, I have noticed that it seems to be all boys on the site. Wot? No girls?

My husband and I went two up around Whitstable and Thanet last Friday. It was absolutely brilliant and everything I was looking for. I used to own a 2CV which I loved but was a bit dangerous when the kids were small so I swapped for something more boring. But now I’m over 60 and plan to grow old disgracefully. Hopefully Torchy and I will have lots of fun together around here. I was a bit surprised that the range and speed promised by the Renault dealer was not matched and I didn’t know about the speed limiter until I read it here today. Not an issue around here really but the range is important as it gives me an idea of where I can get to with no issues.

Any further tips gratefully received.

Welcome Valerie to being a Twizy Owner.

The range is dependent on a number of factors. First @ecofunkytravel describes it as a 30/50 car, which in summer is fair enough. It means drive at 50mph and range is 30miles drive at 30mph and range is 50miles,

Temperature is the next biggest effect. Here are my findings through 3 winters over the same routes.
Below 5c range for me drops to 36 miles
5c - 10c range is 40 miles
10c - 15c range is 45 miles
over 15c range is 50 miles

Other things that affect range are wet roads and under inflated tyres (hard tyres go further but harsher ride). Head winds can affect the range but only had this once when going 20+ miles in one direction into the wind.

The speed is limited to 52 mph and the Twizy reaches this without going down hill.

Yes there are girls out there @Jeffinergiraffe

Enjoy the car range will improve as you learn not to brake but use the regen and the weather improves.

Welcome from me too! Yes, there are girls driving Twizys!! There’s one on the Twizy Facebook page with a Union Jack Twizy that I know of. I have had mine for over two years and driven it in blizzards, torrential rain, strong winds, freezing tempertures etc but also, in glorious sunshine. Nothing better on a summer’s day. I do have windows and I wear a thick coat with a fleece over my knees when it’s really horrible. (Luckily no-one can see).

My range does vary according to temperature. When it’s below 3 degrees it will only charge up to 38 or 40 but in the summer I will get 50. With regenerative braking and deceleration you can always increase the range nicely. Osbrook’s figures are the same as mine.

Glad to meet you and remember - girls can be just as car mad as the boys!!

I was at Southend with my Twizy last summer. It is very flat round there compared to the Peak district. So I can see how you still get 40 miles in the cold. I wonder if the windows help as well, especially when it is windy. Saves having to carry snow around that gets into mine when parked at work. :open_mouth:

Excellent! Very pleased to see girls and that there is an FB page - I shall join. We have a convertible BMW but now that I am looking to retire I decided I needed my own wheels. I saw the Twizy’s in the New Forest last year and fell in love. I ordered mine on November the 1st and there were a couple of issues with delivery, so only picked it up last week. It is the subject of huge amusement amongst friends and family but to hell with 'em, I’m out to have a good time. One friend calls it Robocop and I can see why. Like Jeffinergiraffe I ordered windows (it is Whitstable, after all) but I shall remove them in the summer. Is the regen similar to KERS? If anyone would like to explain, I would be grateful. Like Jeffinergiraffe I am going to wear a blanket over my legs as it was zero degrees and a bit nippy in Whitters last weekend. I work away from home during the week and can’t wait to get back to my new car this weekend.

Welcome, Valerie.
Nicer weather is coming and you will enjoy your Twizy a LOT more!!
I haven’t exactly measured my range with a full charge, but I think even in the winter I am still getting not far off 50 miles. I work on 5 miles per charge bar. Mind you I only use my Twizy for short local journeys and I drive it differently from how I drive my other cars. I use a very light right foot and I do a lot of lift off regen.
By the way, Valerie, I used to be a very keen 2CV owner. I had 4 of them, all at the same time. I love them.

I don’t think I would class myself as a girl that suggests young but I am definitely female

I’m 62. The mirror is not very kind these days but my heart is that of a girl!

Hey I’m a 58 year old girl and previous 2CV owner! Ahhh, now that was a car.
Think we must have been hippies for all our adult lives??

Hi Valerie,

Welcome to the forum - I am a chap but also from Kent (Medway), I imagine you purchased from Canterbury Renault? That is where I had my first test drive but they couldn’t come up with a decent second hand car and to be honest their knowledge of the car in general wasn’t the best - this is the single best source of information period.

Paul - owner of Gizmo :sunglasses:

Hi Paul

Yes, I bought from Renault in Canterbury. They were nice people but we really objected to the fact that they lied about the delivery - they told us she had arrived when she wasn’t even in the country. We had to wait an extra three weeks in the end. And no, they don’t really know what they are selling, so it has been learning by doing helped by the French Twizy owners club. They are all bonkers as well, but good fun. Torchy and I live in Whitstable along with a husband who owns a porsche and a beamer (we balance out his large carbon footprint). I’ve only done 300 miles in 8 months but this will change now as today is my first day of retirement!

Ouch!!! Battery rental works out expensive per mile done. By the way what mileage rental did you take out?
Congrats on retirement.