Any Ideas - on How to recover front seat pad?

Has any one managed to successfully and neatly recover the front seat pad? The unshaped rear ones are easier but the front one is more of an issue.

Any one any bright ideas?

Is it worn or colour faded? Maybe worth using a product to bring them back up like new.

Like at lot, it has split. The pad wears where you get in and out.

Mine split near the side after about year from new, and although it’s true that we use our Twizy more than ten times a day, it made it perfectly clear to me that the plastic cover material isn’t up to the task I’m throwing at it. I was originally thinking about changing it, but considering the speed at which it deteriorated it will only happen again. Therefore I was thinking of taking it to a local upholstery specialist, they mainly do furniture, car interiors and motorcycle saddles, but I was hoping they’d propose a solution to me with a more durable material (leather for example). Due to the Covid pandemic I haven’t been able to go an visit them yet, but will do in the coming weeks and post my findings.

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Hi there,
I had this same issue last year and a replacement seat pad from Renault is £220 so out of the question.
I have the blue seats and it was the base one I had a rip on at the right side.
So I ordered 2 MastaPlasta off Amazon in Navy Blue. One for the rip and another for the other side to match it. Looks grand and wearing very well.
Heres the link to that MastaPlasta item
MastaPlasta Navy Blue Self-Adhesive LEATHER REPAIR Patches. Choose size/design. First-aid for sofas, car seats, handbags, jackets etc.

Can you provide some pictures to show what it looks like?

Mine has no doors and is outside every night come hail, rain or shine. At least a yr since I put those patches on. Is say if your seats are black it would look better

Chris - Thanks - my seats are the same colour as yours, but a lot older.

Mines April 2013.
Id say if you are getting the patches pull the rip together with a bit of tape first and then put the patch over it. I was trying to push the rip together while applying the patch and it meant theres a wee indentation in the middle of it but no big deal. I use the Twizy to run in and out to /from work in Belfast so it used most days summer & winter so it takes quite a battering in the elements

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Love the colour scheme. Is that how it was from the factory or is it wrapped?
Also, I spotted the front mudguard extensions. Was that standard or an option on the door less twizy?

The front Mudflaps are standard Renault accessories for the Twizy. I have them and as far as I’m concerned they should be standard not for looks but for the way they stop the dirt.

Hi, The mudflaps were put on by the previous owner. He said the spray was really bad without them.
No, I wrapped the car myself. It was originally that light grey colour all over with a blue plastic roof and white plastic wheel trims.
I put in the skyroof, wrapped the car and then changed for alloys.
Thought it needed to look a bit more eyecatching

The front seat pad is easy to remove , just push your hands down the back of the cushion and push the whole seat towards the front of the car , it comes off easy.

However my reason for removing the pad was to repair the seat frame which has became broken over the eight years of ownership with my 90kg of body weight pushing down on the seat with the minimal suspension of the twizy.

as you can see the seat is broken as i expected , unbelievable how thin the plastic is to support the weight of the driver , a small fabric cord is pulled from the front of the seat frame to the back to tension the plastic frame , useful for about 20kg i can imagine :rofl:

Interestingly the plastic is ribbed in certain places where i would expect more support from one side of the seat to the other so a few modifications were going to be easier than i first expected.

I had some round bar in my garage so decided to weld some supports between the metal front of the seat support and the rear metal seat support.

With the seat back in the car i made some fabric straps across the top of the seat to support the cushion when installed back in.

With it all back together the seat is solid and improves the driving experience, hmmm was the suspension that hard before :laughing:


A number including mine of the early Twizys had this fault and the seats were replaced under warranty. I remember checking mine only because some else had the problem. The Renault place who swapped the seat said the new ones were different and obviously there had been a lot of failures like that. There was no problems at all getting it replaced as if it was expected.

How to check without removing the seat pad, Simple use your phone to photo the under side of the seat. The crack stands out once you get the camera in the right place. :slight_smile:

my local dealer was rubbish , nuff said :rofl: