Any more news on the battery lease being scrapped?

There was a rumour last year that the battery lease was going to be scrapped this year. I spoke to an operative at rci at the tail end of last year, and he did say that they were possibly considering it, but that it would probably make the cars more expensive to buy. It’ll be great if they do. I might keep my twizy if they do, but if they don’t, i’ m gonna sell it. I have too many vehicles at the mo, so the one that’s costing regular money would be first to go as everything else is bought and paid for!

Yes, have heard of it yesterday; on my questions for importing a twizy from Germany or the UK, I asked if it was possible to not have the rental battery; RCI told me that before the summer of this year (before the first of july) you can terminate your battery lease contract and buy the battery from them!
I asked if they now a price right now, and they told me that it depends on the age of it; when you have a new battery (the price for the insurance of it) you get a 10% discount a year.
(This was in the Netherlands btw)

Hi Marcel
Do you have this info in writing. If so i would like to have a copy, so I can use it for raising the question here in Denmark. I have asked Renault Finance here in Denmark, but they say that they do not know anything, and that they are waiting for answer from headquaters.

No sorry, not in writing, it was told me from the person I spoke to on the phone.
I can ask this week if I can get that in writing before I buy one…!
Will try that this week!

I was kinda hoping that they would
Just let existing owners keep their batteries then charge more for new cars. It’s a bummer we’re gonna have to buy the bloody things. I’ll probably just buy mine then mothball my twizy for 20 years, cos they’ll be collectors items by then seeing as they’ve stopped importing them.

Hi Marcel

Hope you get that in writing. I would like to buy my battery. The monthly rent of 61 euro. Is quite high. After arround 5 years you have paid for the battery.

And another thing. If us current owners buy the battery, will it increase the sale value? I bloody doubt it!!

In Sweden there is no more battery lease since the start of 2017. Now if you buy a Twizy the only option is to buy the battery which works out better especially if your car is not used all year round.

But they increased the price of the twizy by 40 000 SEK (4000 Euro). Then I think i’m better off renting the battery…


I got a letter from rci the other day demanding payment of this months battery rental. I checked my account, and sure enough, the payment went out on the 1st of march. I was straight on the phone to them, and the operative, Ellen, was most apologetic confirming that, yes, the payment had been received. I knew it wasn’t a case of there being insufficient funds as there is always at least 1500 quid in there! Anyway, I asked about the battery rental being scrapped. She knew nothing about it. She went and asked a member of management who also knew nothing about it. I wonder if they ever will scrap it?

Why would they scrap it? Makes no financial sense.

Because a lot of owners think it’s too expensive.

Then wait till you hear the price they want to sell the battery to you.

Aprox. 3900£ !!!

Thats a whooping 30% more expensive per kWh than the new Zoe battery.
(Which wasn´t a bargin in its own right)

They will sell you the battery, but then make shure , you better not want to.

Ohh! And the capacity guaranteed to 50000km and 5 years is 60%!!!

That’s seven+ years at £45 a month. It should be given to you at that point.

The battery used to be £2700 so has gone up a lot. Also there is a set depreciation that RCI apply per year if you purchase your battery about 10% per year. So at year five and the new price it would be around £2303 Which is still a lot of money for a 5 year old battery.

Is it still 2700£?
The Pound rollercoasts a little bit in the last Months. :wink:

Here in Germany the price probably will be 4500€.(Rumored, since that is the Price in Austria)
The battery has to be insured for 3100€.
So I think that would be the cost of the battery to Renault.(in 2012!!!)

I think lots of things are expensive, doesn’t mean they’re suddenly going to stop charging for them!