Any Renault Fluence Owners out there?

I have just seen a very low mileage 2014 Fluence for sale but can find out very little about them. I suppose the biggest drawback is the battery rental which I understand is a minimum of £70 per month. I would be interested to hear from current or past owners.

One of the other negatives are that there is no fast charge option I believe


These were discontinued a while back. I suspect there are fewer Fluences around than Twizys. I don’t know of anyone else on the forum who owns one. How much is it?

Hi James
It is £4995 and has only done 4900 miles since 2012. I have since found out that Renault sold off all the Fluence demonstrators in, I believe 2014, for £9000 despite a list price of £22,850 before the £5K subsidy. Probably this one is therefore not such a bargain after all. The battery rental is the killer at £70 per month. I really want a Twizy but now I have the money there are very few for sale and some have been for sale forever at stupid prices. I just missed a 2015 Technic with doors, that had done 600 miles from a dealer for £4400 including delivery to me in Norfolk. Some people are asking around £3500 for 2012 Urbans without doors and lots more miles. When I started looking seriously, but before I had the funds, there were 20 Twizys on Autotrader, now I have the cash, there are 6!

I’m sure if you post a wanted ad in here for a Twizy you will find something decent!