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Any Twizys out there with no Battery lease?

I’m trying to sell my Twizy at the moment. One guy is telling me Renault released 250 of them into the wild with no battery lease. Is this true or just a story?

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Do you mean 250 new Twizys? Or old Twizys without renewing the lease?

As there are only approx 400 Twizys in the UK 250 is over Half and we would know/heard about them more than we do now.

Yeah that’s why I thought too.

Load old nonsense if you ask me. Nice thought though…

Only 400 twizys in the UK?
In my county of Rogaland in Norway with a population of 470 000, there is more then 500 my dealer said! And they have lots on order.

£800 quoted to buy out my battery so I am going to do that. You lose the warranty but I do not think that is worth much as we get zero battery support.

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What age and mileage is it Toby?
Did they contact you or was it the other way round?

My old Twizy did not have a lease so there are Twizy’s out there like it. Don’t ask me how it happened, the person who I bought it off never paid the lease and neither did the person before him.

I suspect some will be Renault not being bothered by it and not having the resources to chase it up.

I have just bought out my battery lease successfully .
I contacted RCI who were very helpful despite the appalling musak when you’re put on hold

If you don’t mind posting it here - Twizy age, mileage and cost please.
Many thanks.

She was registered on 31 May 2013 and has done 4680 miles of which 700 are mine. I bought her last November.
The battery lease buy out cost £800 including VAT which is comparable with what Martin was charged.


Mine was the same, previous 2 owners never paid the battery lease I think 2015 was the last time it was paid.

Is the general Idea to buty the battery at £800, however what do you replace it with when it fails, and how much is the replacement option. How many years or mileages does it take for a battery to fail?

Renault calculated 10 years for the battery but didn’t really know.
You know how old your Twizy is and how many miles it has done and likely to do. If you have a Powerbox check the SOH of the battery and see how it is going. If below 75% get the battery fixed by Renault before you buy it out.