Anyone else got a BMW 330e?

There only seems to be categories for i3 and i8, but recently took delivery of a 330e, having had the i3 and i8 until then, and a Twizy for good measure!!.

Anyone else got experience with the 330e?


Added the category :wink:

Thanks James.
Regds Moiz

What are your thoughts so far? What made you go for the 330e?

Had an i3 and X4, and if you could weld them together to make a hybrid, that would be my ideal car. The long range of the electric i3 with its really impressive acceleration and re-gen braking, combined with the long range of an X4 once the battery ran flat, would make the ideal all-round car in my opinion. Nobody makes a plug-in-hybrid which is 50/50 electric and diesel (or petrol). They all have limited electric range, which defeats the purpose of being hybrid. The 330e fills this gap for the time being, and looks the part!!

I produce my own power from Solar PV (over 15kW worth of PV) and run my entire house electrically, using heat pumps, battery storage etc, and having electric cars makes perfect sense, since it costs me nothing to charge them. I’m just killing time till someone brings out a 4x4 plug-in-hybrid which has a decent electric range, and looks the business. Nothing exists at present that meets this requirement.

The i8 is terrific, but after driving around for 8 months avoiding parking it where other people were, to avoid having to answer 100 questions and have to endure photos being taken of the car all the time, it had to go. Again, short electric range, but at least BMW made up for that by making it the nicest looking car on the planet, in my opinion.

Just biding my time till BMW make a PHEV X4…or similar…

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