Anyone else?

Hi, anyone else use one of these magnificent steeds?

I don’t but always liked the idea of an electric scooter. What are they like? Are they very common?

It’s pretty similar to a petrol moped, just more range restricted, and much quieter. When this one is out of warranty I think I’ll be trying to increase it’s range.

In the meantime I’ll put it in my camper to nip to the shops in.

Haha nice. What’s the range like? Price?

You can pick them up for £700 - 800 2nd hand. It will do 30 miles if it runs on low power mode with a top speed of 15mph, but I use it on full power mode and get 15 miles out of it with a top speed of 28 mph. Its actually quite useful at that.

Perfect for running around town on. I’d be worried about someone pinching it though. It looks very light.

Yea it needs chained up.

James, go for a vectrix then!!