Anyone from Cardiff?

Any Twizy owners from Cardiff?

I’ve got a Twizy, I live near Cardiff, what’s up?

Nothing wrong, only ever seen 1 Twizy in Cardiff…just wondering what they’re like around Cardiff and Caerphilly areas…quite a few hills around where I am. .

They are brilliant for towns and cities, there’s lots of hills but that don’t make any difference, I’m from blackwood and there’s 3 in the town lol

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Nice one. Do you reckon they’ll get up Caerphilly Mountain or Nantgarw Hill?..or will they be at walking pace :).

Have you ever driven one? What do you think they are like an electric bicycle or something? :slight_smile: mine does 70mph top speed, going up hills it does about 50mph

Just wondering what they’re like back’n’forth from Cardiff to Caerphilly over the Caerphilly Mountain Road, very steep both ways.

I live just outside Cardiff and used to make a 17mile commute with my Twizy. Now it roams around Barry, still a daily driver and deals with the steep hill on Buttrills Rd without issue, even before the PowerBox. Before getting the Twizy I tested one in Cardiff Renault up a steep hill around the corner to make sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

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