Anyone got a new UK Ford Mustang?

I’m thinking of getting a new Ford Mustang, UK version. They are pricey but it’s always been my dream to own one so I might bite the bullet.

Has anyone here already bought one and received it yet? It would be great to hear some feedback from you if you have!

Go for it James, but only the V8. It’s the cheapest V8 400bhp car you can get for the money. For around £35K, it’s a bargain.
I have just bought a Ford and the dealer was trying to tempt me with one. It’s very tempting but there is quite a wait for one. The other thing is from the same Ford stable the new RS Focus is even more tempting. Again a hell of a long waiting list, but I think it will retain its value very well.
Good luck and let us know.

Unfortunately the V8 is out of my price range. It would only be the 2.3 one for me. That’s why I was curious to get feedback firstly before going for it.

I have to say a Mustang has got to have a V8. That’s only £4K more. I know everything that follows cost more, tax, insurance etc.
For the same price of the 2.3 I will go for the RS Focus. I know it’s not the same American icon but in its way the RS is an icon too. And I think this latest RS will be a real classic and will keep its value extremely well.

Well you’ve both given me something to think about, thanks. Personally the Focus doesn’t really do it for me looks wise though. I’ve been in love with the mustang since I can remember though. But maybe I should save up and get the V8 in a couple years time maybe second hand.

I know exactly what you mean. Personally I have not really liked the look of recent Mustangs, but this latest one is certainly one of the best looking ones, apart from them doing proper RHD.
Sell the wife, do something but a Mustang is not a proper Mustang without the V8.
Sorry James.


I’ve just had a look at the finance and it’s only another £80 per month for the GT. Hmm…

i had the previous mustang a 2006 shelby convertible it was a great car and i really enjoyed it, only sold it as i knew it would go down in value as soon as the new car came out.
i have driven both the 2.3 and the v8 new mustangs whilst the v8 is nice, in real terms the 2.3 is better it is quick enough and more economical than the v8. also the tuning packages out there make it easy to boost its performance to very quick for very little buck. the downside is that it doesnt sound like a mustang.
at the end of the day i would never by the hardtop as the convertible always holds its value better than the coupe but it your choice