Anyone got experience with a Tesla?

Hi all,

So I am seriously considering changing our ‘proper car’ an Audi SQ5 for the new Tesla Model X.

I love having an electric car and would like to take that forward to our full fleet lol

Anyone got a Model S or experience driving them at all?


I get very close to buying one and then pull back because of the lack of “real” quality of build. I went to sign up for a new S P85D (the 90 wasn’t out then) and after looking at in in detail I thought it was totally over-priced for what you got. If you’ve been bought up on a staple of Mercs, Porkers, Benters and other finery, you’ll know what I mean. You can kid yourself that the money you’ll save in fuel will make it all seem better but I don’t want trim levels and fit and finish worse than a cheap base Renault.

Fun though and that X looks good as long as you don’t look at the front. YUK !

I’m approaching 2 years with my Model S 85 in December, and have enjoyed every minute with the car and little has gone wrong.
I would agree that it is no Bentley on the inside but I find the interior a nice place to spend time. I opted for the extended leather and lighting packages so that may make a difference in my case.
The driving experience is unlike anything else, the instant torque thrust at any speed from stopped to well over 100Km/h gives great confidence, and the low centre of gravity gives excellent cornering with little body roll. Still it is a big and heavy car and you can feel it.
Little has gone wrong so far, the windscreen washer pump was replaced and it will go in with a report of a noise at the rear at low speed when it is service at the 2 year mark.
In Australia where I live there is nothing like the Supercharger coverage like Europe but I have used the local ones and travel to Canberra occasionally and have used the Goulburn Supercharger a few times. Tesla are correct in that it will quickly get you to an 80% charge but more like 40 minutes than the quoted 30. Don’t bother going above 90% unless you are desperate for every last electron to get you to your destination as it slows to a crawl at that point.
The technology itself is amazing and if you do a lot of long distance driving, Autopilot is a great help, that along with permanent internet connectivity gives you Google maps and streaming music and podcast support. Add to this the many improvements to the system since I bought it and it’s like a new car every few months when a major software update occurs. Depending on you level of comfort with technology this can be god or bad.
I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another and at about the 5 year mark I will consider replacing it with a top line Model 3 as I think the smaller size will suit me better.


Great write up and thanks for sharing your experience

Not sure about the Model X , but the Model S is certainly a viable everyday car for a single car family.

Its a bit big for round a tight town centre, but absolutely fantastic over longer distances. Once you have a test drive you’ll never want to go back to an ICE again.

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