Anyone got the 2016 Twizy Model?

Hi has anyone got the new 2016 Twizy ( with the squared off door profile at top rear of door ). I sell windows for the 2015 version but would like to design an updated version to fit the new one however I’m struggling to find one we can measure and photograph etc. If anyone has one that would allow me some access ( preferably Scotland ) I can supply you with the first set of windows free once we have a new version made to fit ) ? Thanks Andy

@TwizyWindows sorry to be that ignorant but I can not figure out the difference.
Can you be more specific with images perhaps?
I bought a 2016 T but I don’t know if I have the model you mean. :slight_smile:

Oh interesting. I ordered one 3 weeks ago, but do not yet have an arrival date confirmation. I’m also in Bonn, Germany, so I doubt that helps.

I had not noticed the change in the door! Any idea why they would do that? I guess any 2015 or older window won’t fit this new door? Annoying. How did you even spot the difference? Very subtle.

I only saw it when looking at the website configurator - and there it is only shown in the small window, never in the larger model view. In the small window, you can see an edgier top left corner, whereas the larger view still shows a rounded top left corner.

Another view from the UK website. I’m genuinely annoyed by this. I can’t see any legitimate advantage this gives. Do you think it has anything to do with Renault potentially offering their own windows in the future?

Ok than. My T still have the old door type.
Suppose I was given an old model not the current one

Now I spotted it on our Slovenian renault page also:

Hi, would be good to know if you have the 2016 model? in the white picture you’ll see the door has a squarer profile. I’m also told there may not be 3 bolt heads on the inner door anymore ? Would be great to see photo’s of yours for comparison? The cynic in me thinks Renault changed this so my design didnt fit new cars ;-( as we wrapped the window round the curve and used the bolt heads to secure the window to the door…any photos of the inside of your door would be really helpful. thanks Andy

Yes Lucas, i think there might be some commercial ploy going on to stop our windows fitting them, not a prob if i can get a hold of a new one and do a re-design for 2016!

I’ll contact my dealer about it to see what he knows. If they removed the 3 bolt heads, that pretty much screws any idea of a window, no?

In any case, I’ll keep you up to date with when it is supposed to arrive, and if I get any info from the dealer. Worse comes to worse, maybe we fly you to Bonn to have a look/measurements to make the new prototype? Although I can’t imagine others in the UK haven’t ordered new Twizies as well…

Thanks for your help Lucas, I reckon we can just change the fitting method to suit even without bolts but I’m keen to know if the bolt heads on the inner shell of the door have indeed gone, cheers Andy

Idiot designers!! Instead of closing the gap the make it even bigger… Go figure…

Did they improve any of the ACTUALL Twizy issues??

I got a loooong list!

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Did I mention I met one of the Twizy designers in Rhodes?? He was on vacation…

Popped out his hotel when he saw me and was surprised to see mine pimped…

I asked him if the lousy brakes… His response…

" yeah we used the cheaper ones"
And added “but I am happy we have given you the chance to make some cash selling stainless Pistons”

Thats when I ended the conversation and just drove off confused.

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The more I think about this - the more I assume Renault is going to soon offer their own windows. Who knows if any other updates are going to sneak in without informing anyone. In Germany, there was a promotion going on from January - July for a EUR 2000 discount on any model. I asked my dealer if this was to get rid of what they have in stock because a new model is coming out, but he said no way. Now I’m not so sure. Either way, at least I took advantage of the sale!

I’m not really sure what I prefer though - an older model Twizy that I know more or less what I’m getting… or a new version right as winter starts, with no one able to fit windows to it, and who knows how many other little quarks that I’ll get to be the first to enjoy. Transparency does not seem one of Renault’s strengths…

Renault can’t offer any hard windows as a solution cause this will mean that they need to go through other safety tests in collision.
Only soft vinyl can be offered officially from them.

The new door look is nothing but a simple “face lift” touch up so they have something new in look after 5 years of releasing this model. Low in cost designer changes lets them get away from costly re-designing and production

FYI, dealer plays dumb. He can’t tell me what doors I’m going to get, why it changed, nor any other seemingly helpful information. :triumph:

When you get it Lucas can you contact me with a photo or video or two please? so I can see what’s changed , thanks ! Andy

Sure no worries. Assuming a 16 week lead time, it’s not coming until early November though. No confirmed delivery date yet - praying for something much sooner.

Hello Lucas, I read in the German Forum that the Elia windows fit on the 2016 model. Jawohl

Thanks for the heads up! Thing is, I don’t particularly LIKE the Elia windows :wink:
It’s possible that I’ll be driving my 3 year old daughter around from time to time. For that, I’d much prefer windows that fully enclose. Plus, I viewed a 4-year old Twizy with the Elia Windows, and they kept sliding out of place when opening the doors :confused:

I just meant that it seems that, when the Elia windows use the screws, those screws are on the same spot.

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