Anyone had a puncture?

Something I’ve not heard is if anyone had a puncture and what do you do if you have. Do you just use Renault rescue to come and fix/replace tyre or carry a can of sealant gunk just in case?

Not really considered it until had one for a few weeks. Been driving over 20 years and never had a puncture were I got stuck but in a Twizy you may be more stuck…

Very good point and will watch for the answers to this as well

Originally and for cars under 4 years old ( should be the same for battery renters over 4 years) then you rang the Renault rescue number. Although that can be hit or miss depending on time of day. They just take you to some where to get it fixed.

I assume they do this as the Twizy does not come with any alternative. Not even a can of crap.

I have never need to do it - Yet.


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I carry a Spray can repair in my Twizy :slight_smile: