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Anyone have a spare rear mudguard (nearside)

Morning, one of the metal arms on my rear nearside (left hand side in direction of travel) mudguard just sheared whilst I was driving along today, can’t see why. It is wet and there was some standing water so I can only assume that stressed an existing weakness. Anyway, I suspect I’ll need to find someone to weld it unless there’s a spare in someone’s garage they can sell me, any of you wide wheel merchants out there…

Replacement mudguard is the way to go. There have been quite a few advertised on the forum. For everyone else’s benefit, here is my experience.

I have had two similar failures. Corrosion eats through the arm and road vibrations fatigue the remaining metal.

The arms look solid but they are tubes of about 1mm wall thickness. Welding them is tricky as the thin wall melts away so easily. Even if it looks successful, it will soon fracture again. The lasting repair I did was to insert a solid rod up the tube and weld it in place. Welding the tube into the bracket at the bottom was further work.

Save yourself a lot of hassle and don’t try mending it.

I do have a whole set for sale. Dont really want to split them. They are 79.81 plus vat from renault - and in UK stock. My current set is with a metal fabricator - making a jig to make lightweight replacements to then have wider arches put on.