Anyone have the latest i3 with upgraded battery?

My dads looking at buying an i3 after I convinced him EVs are the future.

Apparently BMW have just upgraded the battery on these and the 100% electric version will now do 195 miles on a single charge!

Has anyone bought one recently? What range are you getting?

Apparently the 190 ish miles is the USA unreal world ideal figure. Real world is only about 120 miles which fits in with the approx 20% increase in kwh and battery density.

Looks like the Chevy Bolt is the only small ish car on the radar with a 200 real world range at the moment.

That would make sense. Did seem like a lot! I will check it out.

He’s looking at getting the range extender version just because does the occasional longer journey and it would make sense for him.

I think you will find that it’s the other way round. The EU NEDC standard is the totally unreal world figure and I think the 190 is the NEDC figure. In fact the NEDC figure for the 2017 i3 is 290 km (roughly 180 miles)
For the USA EPA standard, which is more real world, the 2017 i3 is only rated at 120-125 miles.

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The battery has been increaed from 22kwh to 33kwh, which is roughly a 50% increase, if my maths is correct

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The electric range for the 2017 i3 Rex is only rated at 97 miles EPA much lower than the all electric i3’s 120 miles EPA, probably because of the extra weight it has to carry.
The i3 Rex range is rated at 180 miles EPA

I will be collecting my new i3 94Ah 33kWh on 3rd October so will detail the real range in the coming weeks.

BMW quote the distance as 195 miles , i’m guessing 150 miles in favourable conditions.

This is for the missus, I’ll keep with my Twizy :wink:

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Have you test driven an i3? What did you think? I preferred it to the i8 :blush:

i was very impressed with the i3 :wink:

although i didn’t drive the 2016 model.

took delivery of the 2016 i3 yesterday.

100 miles into the battery with 60 miles show left but i have been seriously abusing the speed of this thing, used in comfort mode with AC on and plenty of action on the small fast back roads where i live.

Loving it , not looking forward to charging it using the domestic 240vac 3 pin socket - think it might take some time :slight_smile:


You haven’t got a chargepoint installed at home yet then?


just took 12 hours to charge from 10 miles left on the range using the domestic 240vac lead.

i did 134 miles at the worst sort of driving for the battery :wink:
new very quick toy :slight_smile:

i might get some points on my licence with this car …

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just under a month in now and I am seeing around 140 miles on a full charge.

well happy with the i3, really quick and agile.

charging takes a long time on the domestic 240v plug but we charge over night so isn’t a real problem.


That’s actually really good. My dad’s i3 averages around 70 miles on the battery so it seems like a really decent upgrade!

the range has dropped to 110 miles on the dash now with the cold weather but i’m squeezing 120 miles out of the battery with a little to spare.