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Anyone here owns Estrima Biro?

Am I the only happy owner here? The thing is a bombshell, much better than a Twiz with which I now plan to part. Smaller but roomier, convenient seating for a passenger, plenty of room for cargo, enclosed cabin. The drawback is speed cap in my version, 45kmh. I’m working on it.

Better than a Twizy? I think not.

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That thing is fugly!
Kill it with fire!

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I’ve seen these in Amsterdam. It doesn’t look very safe though, even compared to a Twizy!

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That’s true. But otherwise I find it gorgeous. It’s narrower than Twiz by 20cm without mirrors and by 30 cm with Twizy mirrors folded. And shorter by 60cm, while having convenient side-by-side seating. And it has 3 cargo holds where you can store anything. And an enclosed cabin.

I have searched the Internet for a photo of one of these horrors with 2 people actually sitting in one at the same time, but without success. This tells you something, and how can it be 14, 000 euros to buy new?

you’re a master of gooling
let me help you

Well 14K is with battery included, on par with Twiz. But with Biro you can take battery home and charge it there. It is pluggable and on wheels (top versions only).
Mine with an aftermarket battery cost me 6K, range 60km

It would be great to see large parts of London partially pedestrianised with only these types of speed limited vehicles allowed.


If they are allowed, it’s OK with me, but if not, that’s a disaster)) I am pro-car anyway

If there was a Power Box available for the Biro, I might actually consider having one…did I just realy say that :zipper_mouth_face: :wink: :joy:.

This is exactly the point of this topic. I need a chip tuning too. The man who makes me a battery couldn’t crack the sevcon4 controllers. And Kenneth the Powerbox man doesn’t have access to Biro.

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I have one, since 2017, absolutely brilliant!