Anyone in London to form a Twizy Fan Group for meetups?


since i got my twizy, i have been roaming about london town and realise there are a few of fellow twizy riders (hope its a the right word)

Anyone interested in Sunday Pub visit(s), in west end? Rocking up in a half a dozen (or more) twizys should be quite a merry sight!


@Evmeerkat, the next Battery Vehicle Society meeting will be at the White Cross Inn 146 North Cray Road Sidcup DA14 5EL last Tuesday of the month from 7.30 pm, all welcome, contact John Cave or Neil Baxter for more info.
I am going to try and get to the next one at the end of this month.
The other suggestion for a meet up I have is Rosina’s traditional roadside cafe in Purfleet, not too busy on Sunday. It’s on the old A13, now known as the A1306.

That sounds like a lovely idea. I would definitely be up for a get-together in the West End, (free parking!). I’ve seen about 6 different Twizy’s in Fitzrovia alone, mostly commercial, including the one covered in tiny bathroom tile mirrors!

I am happy to be a represent EVDA-UK of course and take on ideas as well as offer. But free-for-all-things-good-Ale #twizy rider get-together is ideally what I’m after!

KEbV, you’re on. :smile:

I have too seen those few twizy drivers in town - all too commercial, not that I’m against, if they can come out to play, I say the more the merrier.

I would have to register with Congestion Charge London and pay £10.00 to meet up in town!

Hi Glowworm, I could be wrong, but I’m very sure you won’t need to register, or pay, for the congestion charge in any vehicle if it’s on a weekend (or even after 6pm during the week). :slight_smile:

Yes you are right @kEbV, it’s a few years now since I used to go in to the C zone with my G-Wiz and Toyota Diesel Pick up.


Just back from holidays so had to catch up. I live in Ruislip, Middlesex HA4- London Borough of Hillingdon not far from Uxbridge west London.

I registered the Twizy for the London congestion charge but you will not have to pay to drive into London at anytime or any days of the year… one of the EV advantages and most outdoor charging parking spaces are free to park in London.

I am up for the occasional Twizy meetings in central London… The West End sounds good (driving down the A4 is easy for me & top speed is limited to 50mph :smile: ) but week-ends will be more difficult than evenings after work.

I’d say 3’s the crowd and more the merrier!
Excellent stuff.
That’s what we’re after, occassional pub trip for #twiZy riders. Joy is in numbers.
Also I hope to fit OVMS soon, plenty fyi to share

I would love to fit OVMS as well but sounds to complex for me to fit and program so a trip to the PUB will be great & you can explain it to me :wink:

I live about 25-30 miles out of the West End so I could make it, if I can find somewhere to charge the car for the return trip. What are my chances??

Also, which company runs the most charging points around there? Out here in the sticks Polar is the one I’ve been using a bit.

Wow, quite a trip. Respect #ev ambition. That would be quite a trip. I’m sure one of us can get the charging bay “reserved” for your arrival.

4 people #twizy rider strong now! Nice one.
How many of you have “sound system” in your rides?
Looking forward to the pub lunch now!
Look up #taqsi

Hey, Its pretty much all Source London charging points around the Westminster borough, quite a few on street ones in Fitzrovia / Mayfair area where I work and plenty more in car parks.
There are some that are not yet on any of the maps.

It would be cool to see if we can get 4 Twizy’s into a charing bay! :red_car: :red_car: :red_car: :red_car:

If you haven’t done it yet, apply for a free card at SourceLondon and you will be able to charge pretty anywhere for free in London and you get the App to locate a working & available charging bay… Unfortunately 3 pins bays are not everywhere.

Like i said, i’m happy to go ahead and plug-in-reserve charge point on the day, so long-haulers out there get a plug.

There are quite a few nice pubs in town we can pay homage to, and charging “aplenty” (1-2 nearby) in the area.

Lets get numbers for say early September?

I am available most Sundays, so please count me in.

Very likely to be a sunday indeed. So 5 Twizys!? Good Call!

I will look up some coy venues to accommodate us with good views of our Parked-Up Twizys!

So it was you on the Tweet…:wink:

Sunday’s will be difficult but can try my best to come if available.

Great stuff, I’d better get signed up!

September is kinda busy for me too I’m afraid, but set a date and I’ll do my best! (The first Sunday I’m definitely free isn’t until 27th Sept. One I definitely can’t do is 20th.)

20th is Southampton boat show, which in keen to visit, so a taken date.

Let’s aim for next Sunday. This Coming Sunday? Let me enquire about pub locations, parking…