Anyone just bought a Twizy from SMC in Portsmouth?

SMC had 10 Twizy’s for sale which is where I bought mine from. I opted for a Blue one which I’ve had now for just over a week. This weekend I went to remove the rear seat and found that me key won’t open it. As all 10 had been previously owned by the same company I’m thinking that at some stage the back seats got mixed and that my seat is in another car. I think they had 4 blue ones. I know where one of them is as it’s Jonathan on the forum and he has checked his today and it’s not that one.

So the question to everyone else is did you buy one of the others and if so please see if you can unlock your back seat, if not I may know why.

Thanks, Mike

Odd one that as it means they have swapped the locks or complete back inside panels around.

The lock can be a bit stiff if something is pressing against it from the inside or the back is not in correctly. Try pushing the bottom of the cushion back while unlocking the key should move 45 deg Anti clockwise.

I have found it tricky to open and requiring more effort and a bit of a push / wiggle.

I’ll give it another go but not until I get a second key cut as I only got one key with the car. Don’t want to force it and…snap :fearful:
Worst case I’ll take the rear back panel off and come at it from the other side.

Tried again today and after a bit pushing and twisting managed to turn the barrel and get the the the back rest out. However I couldn’t get the base of the rear seat out no matter how I tried. Guess I need to resort to the manual for that one :fearful:

But at least I know it’s the right key :grinning:

The base seat is riveted in place. To remove take out the seat pad, there is a risk that the clips will break. Then you will see the rivet and large washers holding it in place.

Maybe wait until the warmer weather before I try that as I’m sure the clips will break in the cold…:grin:

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