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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Anyone know whose Twizy this is?!


http://www.twizyowners.com/showthread.php/231-Thats-the-last-time-I-park-my-car-outside-radio-1 I thought this was the real thing??!

Tongue in cheek :wink: Just thought it would be funny to kick this section off.

Yup,that is mine. Although you can’t see the plate I used to park it outside radio one which you can see in the background at around the time this was taken in June. Tim Westwood is behind the wheel and claiming it as his own even though I have never met the bloke or given him permission to sit in it. It goes to show that ,like bikes, people are prone to sitting in/on them albeit without causing any harm. I would of course take offence at being mistaken for Tim Westwood particularly as he was shot at once whilst driving in his own car.

Perhaps he has ordered one, but they are still fitting the B6 armour protection :slight_smile:

Photo caption: