Anyone knows if the charger can charge up to 60V?

Hi people. :slight_smile:

So I’m preparing to assemble a replacement battery for the Twizy.
I know the stock battery is 14s charging up to 57,4V DC.

Have someone tried to charge up to 60V DC,
and can physically confirm the stock charger is capable of this if attached to 15s cells?

I am considering to do a 15s setup if the stock charger will charge up to 60V DC.


I can confirm. I have 15s90p on the ncr18650bl battery in my Twizy…unfortunately 63 is outside the limits… Please remember to increase overvoltage cutback in the sevcon, without this regen brake will put the error in the memory

I forgot. 60,8V is a limit in my pcs of charger. But please forgot to exchange charger to another…Without CAN frames from charger sevcon with stock firmware didn’t work…moreover after disconnect charger You will see airbag error and many others…moreover it is a DC/DC for the agm charge and powering the light/emergency light and many other during drive

Thanks Daniel!

Are you saying the ies 2000W stock charger can deliver 60,8V or 63V?

What do you mean by “Without CAN frames from charger the Sevcon with stock firmware didnt work”?
Are you saying the “CAN frames” are send from the charger to the Sevcon?

…are you saying those CAN frames needs to be adjusted in order to charge a 15s battery pack up to 63V?

Welldone fitting 15s90p in there. And you found space for the bms, contactor, and fuses with all this?
Sounds like you have a 15kWh setup, 3Ah cells. Is it so?


The limit voltage is 60V, the current is 40A. At the end of charging the current is 30A…60-60.8 is a limit value deviation so it could be 60.1, 60.8, 60.3 depend on the every pcs

I have 16kWh. One cell is 3,25Ah.

The space is enough, but i move battery 2 cm down below the frame. there is enough space but BMS is outside (my own BMS)…inside battery there are only LEM sensors and contactors and termistors

You can add more cells if You cut the fixing points and add new on the frame - You save in this case additional space for 15s10p module, but I decide to stay with my 16kWh…it it more than twice than original battery

This was a reason that I have high energy low current cells, so to have possibility to use 30kW in the peak on the rear wheels there is only one way…increase capacity to reduce C-rate

CAN frames…whow…a lot of…for example Charger wake BMS up…more over first start Charger send info “overvoltage test” BMS must open contactor on the “ECU OK”, send another frame and after that Charger send new info and BMS should turn ECU OK one more again

Sevcon could be turn on by wires…We do this at the beginning…in DVT Customer we found many errors of CAN frames…it was from the charger :smile:


With 60V charger it make little sense to go 15s due to the voltage of each cell remains at just 4V.

I get you have installed another charger which provides your battery the voltage it requires, is it so?

So I think I will stick with 14s setup, even I mourne the low voltage.

I’m without a bms, and its one of the few components remaining before I can assembly the new battery pack. Bms and bms yazaki connector. Those have been very diffult for me to find. Do you have any useful input on this?

Thanks for sharing about your experiences, its much appreciated. :wink:

60V is enough. My cell are able to give 800 cycles until rich 80% SOH. If i reduce the SOC and DOD it could be even 1600 cycles. Moreover. If you charge to full it is impossible to regen. I can take regen current without any risk…moreover I have on the roof flexible solar panel…It is another safety margin :slight_smile:

If You ask about the plugs. It is not a problem to buy…not from yazaki but the same plug (it is a standard)…but the cost is not so nice. I replaced all cables from the sevcon ant now I have a pair 2x2x35mm2 connected by the ring terminal to the battery by Eaton screw terminals :slight_smile:

If You think about Your own battery BMS must be Your own…so there is no other way as prepare BMS. Please note that it is not so easy to use eg Orion junior…With new charger YOu need to pass the OV test on the beginning…Charger send You in CAN info that it is a time for the test how BMS react for the OV during charging. BMS should turn off the ECU OK wire…without this charger didn’t powering the contactors…so If You like to keep original topology You need to use this mechanisms…


I bought a orion jr. bms now, but need to know which commumication protocol it needs to be programmed in order to function with the sevcon mcu, charger and display in the car, and in the right sequences.

Anybody has this info?

It is not so easy to use orion…In first data exchange proces charger which is a master controller for the sevcon precharge must have a test-OV sequence passed.

In this case You need to exchange a little bit wiring and realize precharge sevcon from other device, and in this case You can use orion if You put few CAN-frames in cyclic