Anyone riding the TSLA wave? πŸš— πŸ“ˆ

I had some shares in Tesla but recently sold around the $510 mark as was convinced it would collapse after such strong growth.

However after a brief drop it’s now up at around $650!!!

I still doubled my money, but I’m sure others have done much better!

Has anyone else done well on this?

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Yes. And swapped them on thursday for APT. In for another ride I hope. But I am a small trader :grinning:

Oh same here! :laughing:

What is APT? What made you pick this?

Alpha Pro Tech profits fom the Corona-panic.

But be assured: just my €0,02

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Fair play :laughing:

Lots on the Tesla FB group have done well, one chap on there has a friend that got in pre IPO :open_mouth:

I should have spent my unicorn FSD money on shares when I bought my first one 3 years ago

APT minus 15%
TSLA: plus 15%


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