Anyone selling a Twizy ??

Hi All,

First post time! I live near Southampton and I will be travelling an 18 mile round trip to Gosport when we get back to work after lock down. I currently own a BMW 330d touring xdrive which I love, however lock down has got me thinking about the environment so we may relegate the BMW to longer journeys when it makes more sense.
So, I can’t ride my battery assisted MTB every day as my right knee won’t let me (big sigh!!), been looking at EV’s and have come to the conclusion that a Twizy will fit my purposes.

I have been avidly watching YouTube and finding out as much as possible about these cars and I think
I know what I am letting myself in for. It doesn’t make sense to buy a Zoe or other EV due to cost etc.
I will be doing my own maintenance (built a Quantum kit car a few years back), so servicing costs will be a minimum.

I have looked in all the usual places, but most of the Twizys currently for sale are mostly up country or in Scotland. Therefore is anyone further towards the South of England thinking of selling their Twizy please (will consider further travel if the right deal}. I have a budget of £ 4-5k but am open to negotiation.

My son has a flat bed transporter so collection won’t be an issue.

Obviously social distancing rules apply

Many thanks



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Wow, your circumstances sound almost exactly the same as mine - 20 mile round trip commute, BWM estate for kids/longer journeys and sometimes cycles! (we also have a Smart EQ but that gets used for the school run etc).
I can say it certainly dose the job, my only negative is that the B roads in Oxfordshire are terrible and the Twizy suspension is way too hard (just installed comfort kit v3 but not had a chance to use it much).
Good luck with the search - I think you’ll just have to be patient. I waited a few months until the right one turned up.

How about this.


I have one for sale here in Denmark, but it is lefthand drive so don’t know if you can use it :wink:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Lefthand drive, but can very easy be converted to righthand drive - no tools needed, you just use the door on the right side to enter the car :wink:

Aaaaand very spacious, just had a 211cm basketball player in the back no problem - not even kidding!

Hi there. I’m selling a Twizy. It’s a 12 plate in white with Red accents 2600 miles and I had Zero EV put a type 2 charger on it so it can be charged at a commercial charge point.

It has a parrot phone connection and the full closure ‘Twizy Windows’.

The best thing is… NO BATTERY LEASE! Long story, but I bought it from an embassy who bought out the lease! Winner.


Hi All,

Thank you to everyone who replied to my post. I have now driven a Twizy and while I understand the concept and why people love them, they are an acquired taste. After much discussion with my dearest we have decided to look at larger EV’s after all, I also think the thought of winter driving has also put me off (getting soft in my 60’s).
My dearest now also would like to be able to drive the car and being partially disabled a Twizy is out of the question.
Oh I think TwizyDK was referring to the headlights, left hand drive dipped lights are opposite to UK so would be aimed the wrong way (I know, most of you know that).

So it’s back to the drawing board and probably looking at Zoe, Leaf, i3 etc.

Unfortunately my 330d which I love, is starting to look questionable a, because we will be doing fewer long journeys up country since my mother passed away in January b, it’s a euro 5 “devil’s fuel” burner and when the diesel charges come in which they surely must at some stage we are going to be limited taking it into town etc.

Anyway thanks again to all who contacted me, some times things don’t turn out as you expected for a reason,




I’m Nearly 60 and use my Twizy (outside lock down) to get to work even in winter. I don’t have windows, but a Hat and gloves! The only issue I have had is having to sweep snow out of it before a drive home. Teach me not to park close to the office door rather than somewhere sheltered.

The Twizy, as you know is simple to drive and is excellent in snow. I watched a BMW drive get stuck on a hill before he gave up, I simply drove passed thinking how cold they will be having to walk. :slight_smile:

Forgot to say the Twizy headlights are not directional. No Left or right hand beam they are light Motor bike lights.

@Barry - no, I was just making fun about the left hand drive. The lights are the same as they are the same as on motorcycles.

Hi Barry.

I have to say, I didn’t ever test drive a twizy. I just bought one in the dead of winter. When I went to collect it, it was cold and wet and raining. I drove away thinking to myself “what have I just bought?!”
A PowerBox later, some Korean windows for the cold (as I need to look mildly presentable for work) and this car is my daily drive. I use nothing other than this car unless I have to take more than 1 child with me.
The added benefit is that they are like Lego. You can add and modify and fiddle with it to no end, and a ‘comfort kit’ damper set makes a big difference to a slightly firm ride.
I appreciate what your saying, and I would consider a EQ. However, fuel is so cheap at the moment it’s most likely more economical and cheaper to keep throwing diesel in a car you already own…:speak_no_evil: