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Anyone tried the Mercedes EQC?

Hi, Has anyone had any experiences with the new Merc EQC? I feel out of a lot of the EVs out there it looks least like an EV compared to other models (different makes etc…) Im intrigued to know what it’s like driving and also the amount of room in the front, back and storage. I don’t currently own an EV but wanted to get a car that offers a better driving position because I’m tall in the body and find on longer journeys my back gets quite sore in most hatchback style cars. Any suggestions or feedback on this model would be great!

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Welcome @shjohnson

I’m not sure how popular the EQC is tbh, it has some tough competition from the iPace, Model X/Y, Audi e-Tron and the Ford Mustang Mach E when it’s released early next year. I know the EQC isn’t built on a bespoke EV platform which might actually be why you like the look of it, but it means that it’s EV guts shoved into an ICE car basically. Take from that what you will.

Will be interesting to see if anyone on the forum owns one or has test driven one!

Sure you don’t want to wait for the EQS?

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