Anyone want to buy my twizy?

Hi there. Just wondered if anyone wants to buy my 2013 twizy? It’s a technic which is just about to turn 16,000 miles. It has doors and Renault windows, and the Renault alloys. I’m in Carnoustie, Scotland. I use it every day, but it’s not really fitting into my life anymore, and I find myself with way too many vehicles! I’ve owned it since 2016 when I bought it with 2500 miles on it.

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It has advertising on the bottoms of the doors and on the rear above the light. I should also add that this is very very difficult for me. I love my twizy, but can’t justify it just now…

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How much are you asking for it?

Also did it have its previous MOT advisories sorted out?

Battery hire still in place right? Do you know the SOH of the pack?

Pads are still not worn down. Discs don’t require changing, new rear calliper fitted. Battery health is fine. Still charging fine, still getting good range. Battery hire is still in place. There is a new set of pads coming with the vehicle.
Price is £3500. I use the car every day and have no worries about doing so. It does a 26 mile rural round trip.

Hi Is that photo taken in arbroath by chance, My auntie lives there, is it still for sale?

Yes to both pompeymonkey.

Have sent you a individual message

Im so tempted but your soooooo far away to look at it

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