Apple CarPlay?

@Stuart I was wondering if you have Apple CarPlay in your Smart EQ?

I read an Autocar review that said the EQ comes with it, but mine is only compatible with Android and something called MirrorLink.

Could be a software update, I’ve read it in multiple places so it’s certainly a feature.

I updated the software using the SmartConnect software but never got Apple CarPlay and my dealer didn’t know anything about it.

I’d love to have it but I have a feeling it must have been removed.

@James The honest answer is I don’t know - and I’ve been wondering about this myself… So the ‘talking face’ icon on my steering wheel doesn’t look exactly like the icon shown in my iPhone. But if I follow the instructions on my phone (which say, ‘press and hold voice control on your steering while…’) and press the CarPlay button then it starts Siri. My car never appears in the ‘Available Cars’ list in my phone. So, I don’t really know… but it’s obviously connected to some extent.

I can’t get (and will probably never be able to get) the Smart Control EQ software so I just use the Cross Connect app for Internet radio, navigation and phone calls.

I confirm, got mine in August and doesn’t have Apple Carplay. However I am able to use Siri,
and Bluetooth streaming, so I don’t miss it much…

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Just ordered a new EQ Cabrio (in black with black tridion, heated wheel pack but no rear camera), for delivery in early March. I was hoping it had Apple Car Play but seems it’s not built into the audio system, at least not without some jail breaking.

It’s not. The media system is without doubt the poorest part of the car. It’s a shame really, because it feels like they’ve really cheaped out when it comes to the media system.

In cars from October 2020 build

I wonder if existing models can get a software update to support this?


All the pictures on the web showing CarPlay are using the new head unit - it’s a tad bigger and the home button is on the right of the unit.

I have just moved back to iPhone from android so can confirm it doesn’t work on my July 2020 EQ.

Not sure if any Android user noticed? The image didn’t really scale properly on the head unit anyway running android auto.

Doesn’t seem like it would be a big job to replace the existing media centre with the new one. I might ask if that’s possible when I take my car down for it’s service.

I’ve just ordered a new Smart EQ Fortwo Coupe. Is there any way of knowing if it has the multimedia unit with Apple CarPlay enabled?

If it is a new car Smart EQ I believe they all come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

I recently bought a Smart EQ ForFour Pulse Premium and it has Apple CarPlay, you have to use it via usb though.