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Are there speakers?

Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times already.
Are there actually speakers fitted inside the two pods on the roof??

Not usually unless your Twizy came with the Parrot kit installed. Easy to fit speakers - I have fitted some blue tooth ones so I can just use my phone etc to play music.
If you want to see mine or know more ask. Your close enough to meet.

So you have your car now in some nice weather. How is it going?

Thanks mate for the advice. I absolutely love it. My other car is a Renaultsport Megane RB8. However I think I love the Twizy more. Lol,

Mate what brand/ size are your speakers?? Where have you fitted them?? I just need some tunes to complete my Twizy experience.

In the roof is the speaker POD. Sit in the back seat and remove the two Tork screws. Then the scary bit pull it down and the clips should unclip.
There is wiring and and mounting points for standard speakers. But then I would need a head unit. SO I made some small wooden frame and fit a pair of Stereo Bluetooth speakers and a Surface driver unit to use the roof to increase the base.

There are some earlier post on this. In fact I think there are some templates for the speakers. Start here : http://www.twizyowners.com/showthread.php/15-Fitted-Blue-tooth-speakers?p=25#post25

Odd really - I used the speakers a lot in the first few months but hardly use them at all in the last year. I like the quietness of the car and to listen to other people talking.

I don’t suppose your around now mate are you. I’d really like to see your setup??

Send DM

Here is the Link to my thread fitting a Parrot Kit, it also has the Template for the Speaker :)[