Are they still being built?

I visited the Twizy factory in Valladolid today. Not a sign of a Twizy except for the one painted on the factory and a second hand one in the Renault dealer down the road. Outside the factory were a couple of hundred Captur models but absolutely no Twizys either in the compound, on transporters or on the Renault trains leaving the factory. Will all future models be Nissan badged???

Well following on from the thread yesterday with the meeting between Twizy owners and Renault Management, I was worried that this may be the case as well in the not to distant future.

@Christian attended it

UPDATE! Today driving south on the motorway, north of Salamanca, there were two car transporters.
One full of Megane and the other had Capturs on it and on the lower deck at the back a lone TWIZY.
It was shrouded almost completely in a white cover with just the wheels showing, there are small cutouts above the centre of the doors though so the driver has some idea where he is going! I am not sure if this transporter had come from the factory at Valladolid. Is it possible they keep completed Twizy cars under cover, at the factory, in one of the huge buildings? Does this explain why none were visible around the factory yesterday? I have a photo of the Twizy on the transporter but not sure if I can attach it to this post.

post the photo!

Had a problem see new posting below!

The Twizy was seen on the motorway south of the factory, but may not have come from Valladolid the transporter was registered in Portugal, and was going in that direction!


I have managed to get the photo of the Twizy on the car transporter uploaded, which you asked me to post.



I ordered a Twizy 3 weeks ago. I was told it was going to be produced and shipped from spain, the panoramic roof and doors was going to be mounted there. I took about 1-2 weeks before it was sendt to norway. Now i just have to wait 2 months for it to get shipped here locally in norway and the the seller to install the mud flaps. :slight_smile:

Not nice waiting for a new toy when initially told 2 weeks. Mine was the same 4 years ago.

Mud Flaps take less then 30mins to fit. Again don’t follow the instructions to remove wheels. If no sure simply remove the whole mud guard and take it inside to fit.

The seller told me they only do a shipment in norway when they have sold enough cars to fill up a truck. So it can take weeks or months to get it when its actually just a few hours drive away.

As part of the last month meeting between Renault team and the Twizy Fans, I can just repeat what Renault’s managers said. They want to continue. It was the first important thing I hoped to hear and It was good to hear it.
One other thing to be known is that Twizy and electric vehicules have the entire support of Renault’s big cheaf Carlos Gohsn

Acting on inspiration from this thread, on Saturday I spoke to the local Renault dealership and offered to be a reference client for the Twizy. They seemed to be pleased to accept and took my details.

It is relatively small dealership that does not have a Twizy demonstrator.


I found this: