Are Twizy Owners Just Aging Petrolheads?

Coming up to almost two weeks of ownership and starting to get the hang of this forum (and I like it :+1:) I’ve been reading through lots of the older posts, and I think I’m seeing a theme emerging.

There seems to be a number of people who have bought a Twizy, not for the environmental, green house gas busting, eco friendly city car it was designed to be, but as petrolheads who have owned a vast array of interesting cars in the past and now want something different to play with and have some fun in. I know I fall into that category, but must admit that I’m surprised to see so many other people in the same camp.

Am I just seeing things or is that a fair observation? Even people at work who I would normally have expected to take the…you know what… and themselves very much into their cars, have inquired about the Twizy with genuine interest.

Whats your take on this??

Think you are partly correct, in my case the thing that made me buy the twizy was pure economy. No fuel bill, no congestion charge. It pays for itself. And I don’t have to think about using public transport. The environmental side of it is a big bonus and I feel a little bit like I am in the forefront of modern environmentally friendly transport.
I also buy wind generated electricity to the family house (and to the twizy). Isn’t it lovely to be an environmentalist? You can live on as you did before just by making some educated choices!
I still have 3 petrol cars (one is purely a hobby vehicle) and I consider myself a petrolhead but now I don’t have to use them back and fourth to my workplace.
A side effekt of this is that the petrol cars feels a little bit like dinosaurs, a lot of technology, just to cope with the fact that petrol cars are driven with a lethal fluid in an inefficient engine that developed very little the last 100 years… Ok they are more comfortable, but very little would have to be changed to the Twizy to be equally comfortable, but as a scaled down to earth mini car I think it is brilliant!

Ours were bought to promote low energy transport in rural areas, where people use twice as much energy as big city residents to move about because they tend to live further away from what they need and don’t have cheap and energy efficient mass transit systems.

But we also subscribe to the psychological theory that behaviour drives attitude, rather than the other way round (which would be more “logical”). This predicts that we tend to approve of things we fundamentally like doing and are very adept at justifying them. So everyone (pretty well) who drives a Twizy finds it fun, and that feeling can easily be translated into a belief that a Twizy is one of the least environmentally malign means of personal transport.

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Must say I didn’t buy the Twizy for “green” reasons. It’s just that it’s so “cute” that when I first saw it, I said to myself I’ve got to have one.
From the heart point of view, it was just going to be my toy. But from a head point of view, it does make a lot of sense too in my case. Most of my daily journeys are local ones, varying from anything from 1 to 10 miles. In an ICE the engine never has a chance to warm up properly, which means terrible fuel consumption and long term excessive wear to the engine. So I use the Twizy most of the time. And the bonus is it’s so much fun to drive :yum::yum:

You are totally right, I have always been into small cars and liked to make them stand out and go fast.
The twizy is about as practical as most of my previous cars and I’m a great fan of no doors or windows , current still own a classic mini scamp and mini moke :slight_smile:

The green credentials are also cool as they make up for my race car that does less than 10 mpg when i drive it on the road.

I live on an island so the twizy is practical for most of my short trips around the place.

We just brought a 2016 i3 , not because its bmw - I’m not a fan of them but because its a great fun electric car built just for battery and not a ICE car converted for battery use.

A lot of commonality coming over here. I bought the Twizy as it’s just so different and I really like ‘different’ cars. Less is so much more these days too, and my time with 200mph uber-Wagons are all but gone. Day to day car is a Panda 4x4 (had one in one form or other since 1988), weekend muckabouts in a Renault Sport Spider and a Morgan 3-Wheeler and Mrs R1NGA has an S2000 and an SLK55. In truth I was in matrimonial trouble for buying ‘yet another car we don’t actually need’, but a quick drive and she began to come round. My total forgiveness however came with a change of work location for my wife, from an out-of-city building with easy parking, to an inner city office with only public transport ( (cold, slow, unreliable) or a £2000/year parking season ticket and a 15 minute walk each way, each day. The Twizy parks with the motorcycles under the building and since June has cost less than £40 in electricity, according to my power meter. Once Renault finally ditch the battery lease, it will be simply the best Eco car ever invested for local commuting use.

But for me, bring on the snow and some Scandie-flicks, as so nicely put earlier by another correspondent in the Powerbox thread!

@mikenhelen No I don’t recognise a thing. Being 61 I surely am not ageing and no when you look at my petrol car I can by no means describe myself a petrolhead.

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Always like quirky cars, but also like my performance toys. Closest I have had to the Twizy was a Smart crossblade in so far as open elements fun little car. Into my bikes, so the cold hasn’t worried me so far.
I have bought the Twizy as a toy, but also to use to nip to town and do the post and bank run. I hope to take it to France for a Month next year and it will be fun to nip to to the port and not drive for ages for a space.
I have to say, I wouldn’t like it as my sole car, but thats down to my personal circumstances and doing on average 70,000 miles a year, it wouldn’t be practicable, but if I worked close by and commuted to here every day, then I would use it every day, it was most pleasant to tax the vehicle and not have to put my card details in…

For me it was the cheap run and for it’s green credential side at the same time.

The daily cost of my journey to work in my diesel SUV was becoming ridiculously high and I felt guilty looking at other diesel fumes coming out of their pipes while sitting in traffic jams for hours.

The very high draw back of the Twizy… I have probably lost 10 years of my life in nearly 3 years breathing diesel fumes from the cars (and vans) around me while sitting in traffic, even with the mask on. It’s not a bike or scooter so you can’t escape.

But I do regret selling my 1972 Triumph TR6 years ago.

I wanted a small runabout that was cheap to buy and run.

I travelled over 100 miles to go and test drive the Twizy and after that i knew i had to have one… it was awesome!

I like to be different, i like the attention and it makes me happy.

I have had a few performance cars in the past few years… M135i and Golf R but the Twizy is still the most fun IMO.

I bought mine as a sort of carbon offset. We also have 3 smart cars, a Dodge Ram 5.9 ltr pick up, a camper and a trike in our fleet. Using the twizy during the week means I don’t feel so guilty putting petrol in the dodge!! Hehe

Having said that, the twizy is the most fun, next to the trike!