Are you still paying battery lease after the contract came to an end?

I was tempted to get another Twizy second hand, but obviously the battery lease is a big turn off.

Has anyone managed to not renew their lease contract once the initial one expired?

In germany that would lead to removing the Battery and giving it back to Renault.
It´s theirs.

Right, but in this country at least, there have been stories of Renault not being bothered to pick up batteries when people have said they’re stopping the payments. In the end, some owners end up with a lease free Twizy.

Are you kidding? :open_mouth:

Renault abandoning their property.
Does not sound good for the Twizy if they do not bother to do so.

Maybe the time is come to end the project and we all get a letter soon where we are offered to buy our own batteries.:joy:

Tere are rumors that they will set a price of 4500€ and reduce it by 10% per year the leased it to you.
So after 5 Years of lease you still pay them the price they payed for it;-)

Months ago a user from Spain removed the battery and handed it over to Renault. In the end they took the battery.
In Italy I asked and it’s not possible to give back the battery or even buy a new battery!
They sell the battery as spare part ONLY to those that recently bought a twizy with property battery.

On top of that to those that buy a new twizy I wonder if the battery quality will be the same as those who actually rent them.

In the end…if you manage to get a used twizy without battery just make a battery pack yourself.

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Love the last bit “just make a battery pack yourself”. If it was that easy there would be lots to choose from.


Lets face it! Renault never planed to change a single Battery on a Twizy they last a (Twizy) Lifetime.(100000km usually)

So everything they do is to reduce the cost of renting the Battery to you.
In Germany they do everything to keep batteries off the market, since it would hurt their lease scheme with over 5000 Customers.

In Other countries they get rid of the rental batteries cause the overhead of running such schemes seems to be too costly.

I hear very early on (2012) that Renault expected the battery on the Twizy to be good for 10 years before they needed to start to repair. This adds weight to the fact that they will not be reducing the rental. Unless they built in some contingency for batteries failing early and they could start to hand that back by reducing the monthly fee.

The 10 years at the ÂŁ45 a month I pay would cover the battery cost (that Renault charge) and the admin.

I heard , that the Twizy is build for a 5 year lifetime.
(Usual for a quad) So all materials are choosen accordingly.

If you take care of it then it will last longer.

But the rental scheme is calculated for that timeframe

5 years will cover the cost of the battery and service/overhead.
(In 2012 that was. Now they surly make a profit after 5 years. )

If your twizy lasts longer or you decide to drive more than 10000km a year they make a surplus.

We need a commercial alternative to the renault battery.
The protocolls are in the open now and free to use.

If the market hits a critical mass renault will react.

How this will act out in the end is another question.

Kenneth is not the only one that made a home made battery with an extended range.
On YouTube a French guy made or is still making one.
Some German twizyer made both lead acid and lithium battery out of a Citroen electric car.

Still not available to other Twizy owners, though. Beating Renault’s price is proving tricky. Even more so for those with limited BMS knowledge.

I was lucky enough to not have to pay when I purchased mine, however not heard more about this from others since

I was forced to continue the lease (new contract) and payments after the first lease contract ended because there is no way or no one knowledgeable enough to remove the battery from the twizy in Slovenia.
Their arguments were that this will be expensive to remove. And even if the contract ended the contract is still valid until the battery is on the vehicle.
It is only when returned, the lease ends. But you cannot do it by yourself or must not do it by yourself.
I was told by another brand dealership that they have special measures on how to secure the proper disassembly and protection of the high voltage wires when handling the battery.

Looks like they are only scaring you off. High voltage cables have connectors on them, so there is no risk that you touch them or cause shortcut.
The only difficult part is the weight. You will have to put the Twizy on ramps, and lower the battery with a forklift or pallet truck. It’s just a few bolts and connectors really.

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Hey, i want to buy twizy without battery. Can i buy somwhere battery? Is it good idea to buy? ?

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Actually they aren’t If you want to buy your used bsttery from Renault they will charge you around €2-3.000 (depence how old they are) and that is for a 6.1 kWh battery used. New zero twiz 12.6 kWh battery costs €4.200 for new ones. Sure it is alot of money but I think they aren’t expensive :blush:

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My Twizy is over 7 years old now and I stopped paying the battery rental when it was 3 years old. I told Renault I’d buy it from them or they could have it back but they didn’t get back to me and I still have it.


It’s BATTERY LEASE TIME AGAIN! Can’t believe it’s almost 3 years since I renewed & now I have to make the same decision on January 2020.

I asked if they would sell me the battery they said no. Any one on here had more recent negotiation with them? Let me know please!