Argh car not charging!

So this morning I unplugged the car got in and it had 2 bars as I left it yesterday so I thought silly me I plugged in but didn’t flick the switch.

So put on charge, heard motor running and saw the graphic saying it was charging and walked to station.

Got home tonight and same again, still 2 bars showing.

Tried a different plug, it appears to be charging with the fan going etc but still says 13% and 2 bars.

Any ideas on this and how I can reset it at all or think it’s a service centre visit?

Now this has happened twice this year to me but not at my house. There is a Cafe I occasionally charge at usually in the evening and it worked fine. However on the two occasions it did not charge it was bright sunny days and I suspect that the voltage to the socket was higher than the Twizy will accept. It will still be within the UK limits but that does not help.

Try again at night and if possible check the voltage at the socket. Then lets us know.

Do you have a lot of Roofs with Solar panels around you as these can push the street voltage up.


Could be a faulty charger, they have been known to fail. :frowning:
It could also be an over voltage on your mains supply.
The Twizy is very fussy about the voltage, I think the maximum it will tolerate is 248v
Hope you get it fixed :slight_smile:


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I charge it in the garage and none of the houses (24) on the farm where I live have solar. It has been a hot day so trying again now and I will see in a bit how it is.

The Tesla was on charge last night as well but not this morning so not sure if that was related.

I don’t have anything to measure the voltage

Car has gone to Renault today. They have told me it will potentially be a week before they can take a look but I will be in a courtesy car in the interim at least. I did not get to try the charger from another plug / site as not the range to get to my parents

Any news on this as yet?

Very similar situation happened to me. New, Nov ‘16 Twizy. Already had the “drehzahlgeber” replaced, whatever that is. This morning I drove to work after leaving plugged in over night. 2 bars missing made me curious. Came home and plugged it in to charge. Nada. Getting picked up shortly. I’ll keep you updated.

My charger failed completely last April, a few weeks before it ran out of warranty. That saved me a few quid.

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So I got it back and it charged. Next day it didn’t, however it did at my parents.

Just back from hols and waiting to check the voltage here and will try at parents again

sounds like they repaired your charger and not replaced it with one of the newer models that don’t suffer with the high mains voltage problem…

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If it is voltage then try one of those Voltage optimiser that reduce the voltage. The operator is obliged to keep the voltage below 253V however the Twizy needs less than 247V.

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Is it normal for chargers to die or kill the fuse its plugged in to? My twizy have been standing at dealer since 22 mai with charger that kills fuses.
Is it normal renault to use 2 months to get a new charger?
I was geting a rental car that is paid by Renault for 2 months now
I was geting car in march hit after 1 week of driving. 5 weeks in repairshop. Then drive for 3 and broken charger.

Simple answer is no. If it is the charger then it shouldn’t take months to get a replacement. However if it issomething else then it cold take a couple of days to trace where the problem is. However 2 months does appear to be a long time.

Where are you based? Is it somewhere where parts don’t get sent to very often. If Renault are trying different parts and having to wait a long time for delivers then it can soon build up.

How long have you had the Twizy and did you buy it from new?

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Hadd it since march. Its in Norway. The car is new. Its only driven 900 km in the 4 weeks i have been driving it. I think its strange. First car i have/hadd that have been more in workshop then been used.
The problem was realy easy to find they said at first. The mainvoltage side of charger was shorted. That all info they gave me.

So it could be anywhere between the mains plug and the Charger it’s self. Tell them they have until the end of July and then you will reject the car as it is not fit for purpose and of a suitable quality and you want your money back. Stating that will get them to move. At least you haven’t had to pay for battery rental like we do when it is stuck in for repairs. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t take months to get parts to Norway.

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Totally agree - and I would not have waited this long.

So it turns out my Twizy was fine. Upon further inspection, my outdoor outlet had somehow “popped”. Better feeling about the Twizy, but not the wiring of my outlets!

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Had Renault contact me today, the fault is regarding input power being too high (not the correct words what they said) but this sounds like what was described above and they are looking at changing the charger

Nice to know that this site can still beat Renault in diagnosing some faults and helping people. You can also ask the local distribution board to turn the voltage down. However this is usually this high for some reason that is irrelevant to you.

Voltage optirmisers on the house might also work in reducing the overall house hold voltage down to 230v but why should you pay for a Renault fault - selling a car that does not meet UK voltages.


Glad it all happened during Warranty - which runs out in a few months, hate to think what the costs will be going forwards.

It seems to be in at least once a year for a week or two for some fault or another.

On the plus side will be like Triggers broom soon - 4yrs old but new everything :smiley:

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