So I drove down to Southampton to look at the F1 colours Twizy I posted about last week.
It is a regular used car dealers and not a Renault dealership.

Despite ringing ahead, the car was in the showroom with no chance of it getting out for a test drive.

It took 10 mins for the sole salesman to come and see me (nobody else in the showroom at this point).

Tells me he didn’t even know it had come in and that it was a special edition and had been chipped so was faster.

I asked for details but he was unable to tell me any more. He had rung the owner earlier who had told him this but he wasn’t willing to speak to me as it was his day off.

The salesman googled Renault F1 Twizy and got up the one with KARS that Vettal drove with all the body kit and said that was it (it clearly wasn’t).

Came into price and was told that £6k is the price as they have only had it a few days, I told him he will have it quite a few if they keep it st that and showed him a number of similar younger cars which are under £5k to which he told me again that it’s a special edition.

So I left my details for the owner to be calling me tomorrow but not expediting much.

From a condition point of view, it had some scratches on the plastic down by the front of the door and also scratches in both doors which looked like the back of the handle is catching, is this a common problem.

So 2hrs left to get home and stopped for a coffee and rant!

Sorry to hear of your disappointing trip, a “rant” is totally justified.

Before I bought mine last August I was looking for a couple of months, came across some unreal dealers and salesmen, set my heart on a very colourful Twizy then one with a distinctive registration plate. Both fell through. Eventually I bought one with my head! A good price and a sensible salesman (Nissan) who was willing to put me in touch with the previous owner. Known history, right specs, It was worth the wait.

Stick with it, “your” Twizy is out there waiting for you.

It amazes me how bad some used car sales places are. Given that a car is most peoples second biggest purchase, they would do everything they could to ensure a prospective buyer is taken seriously.
I remember a few years ago going to a Kia dealership, empty showroom, two salesmen, ignored for over 10 minutes. I walked out, went to Hyundai, immediately greeted, offered test drive without a hassling salesman on board, came back, chatted with the dealership owner, and bought a new i10. So Kia missed out. Since then, anyone mentions Kia to me I tell them this tale.

You were right to leave your details. You never know, you might persuade the owner to deal directly and avoid the dealer commission! (assuming that is the situation)

There is no way they will get £6K. Wait till they come back to you with a more realistic offer, and I would suggest it’s £5K or under. If not look elsewhere. Prices will be down for the winter.

Thanks this was frustrating yesterday, time is not on my side at the moment as we are probably moving house on the 20th Nov and thats when I need to Twizy to get to the station, so will probably have to go with another as £6k is way over the mark