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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Argos Weatherproof Extension Lead

Just noticed this item is now showing at over 50% off - making the purchase of this life-saving accessory a bargain at £12.00 (instead of £25.00). It is part of their ‘Final Sale’ so don’t hang about.

www.argos.co.uk. Item 905/0044

Of interest is the waterproof compartment to hold the Twizy’s captive plug, which looks big enough for the job. I’m heading into town to get one as my local store are is out. I would imagine the winding frame will have to be dumped as its rather ungainly, but otherwise I seems a useful addition to Twizy usage as its 15m in length.

Now if they’d just do a Type 2 adapter, life would be so much easier!