Attention you Electrical Twizzards!

I will be a Twizy owner within the next 3 weeks. My intention is to tow it on a trailer on our frequent visits to Europe behind our motorhome. My question is, could I plug the Twizy into our motorhome’s 2000 watt inverter whilst it is being towed on the trailer to charge the battery? The inverter runs from a 140ah leisure battery which of course is being charged by the vehicle alternator, via a split-charger, as we drive along, but also by a 140 watt solar panel on the roof. Am I correct in thinking the Twizy needs a 10 amp supply? With my limited grasp of things electrical, our 2000 watt inverter gives just over 8 amps at UK mains voltage? Will this charge the battery at a slower rate or simply overload the inverter?

Sadly, I think this is unlikely to work. As you probably know, the Twizy draws around about 10 amps. Most likely outcome is the inverter will shutdown for overcurrent protection the instant you start the charge.

Also, a 12Vdc -> 240Vac inverter (very roughly!) draws around 1A for every 10W output. So 2kw output would be 200A input current. Therefore, even if the inverter did withstand the load, the leisure battery would be dead in 40 minutes or so if not being charged. Of course you, as you say, you are charging it a bit as you drive, but at nowhere near 200 amps, so it will run out of volts way before the Twizy is charged too.


I’m affraid @v8mini is correct. You need a much bigger inverter and a larger alternator out putting over 250 amps.

I too trailer mine behing a motorhome but charge it on site.

There’s bound to be a way to re-gen charge the Twizy while towing it, savig you doing what you’re suggesting…Kenneth Nilsen would know how to frig the BMS to allow this I’m sure.