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Audi Urban Concept

As a Audi owner myself i do have to say i love the style and design behind Audi cars and recently (perhaps a few months back now) they introduced the Audi Urban Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Still a concept but goes to show that a lot of effort is going into electric cars by the manufactures.

As Twizy owners i think we can all say we are the first to try out of this new range of vehicles and in time when it goes more main stream we can all say to our friends remember when i had the Twizy :slight_smile:

A lot of information around the internet with regards to this Audi concept but some details i found on a quick search… How reliable the info is i am not sure (it is a concept) but exciting times are ahead either way:

*]Audi Urban Concept uses 2-20 hp e-tron electric motors paired the between the single-ratio rear-driven wheels delivering aspects about 35 pound-feet (47 Nm) of torque.
*]The li-ion battery 7.1 kWh is installed transversely behind the seats and weighs about 90 kg or 198.5 lbs.
*]Audi Urban Concept Electric Car performance is 0-62 mph in 16.9 seconds.
*]This Audi can gets to 37 mph in 6.9 seconds.
*]The European impulsion cycle variety is 73 miles-per-hour.
*]Recharge time from 230-volt current European residence around an hour, and this time it supposedly can be cut to 20 minutes from 400-volt, three-phase existing will be used.
*]Audi Urban Concept uses AWC or Audi Wireless Charging, a form of contactless induction charging.

Audi e-tron has gone to the big technology skip in the sky… Although the tech used is to filter down through the range of new cars…

Guys [FONT=Verdana]I would prefer audi make a fully electric sedan with gas back up that goes 0-60 in 6 seconds with room for 5, range of 350 miles and cost under$ 22,000. [/FONT][FONT=Verdana]So let me know what decade this concept will work…[/FONT]Who we are?[FONT=Verdana]