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Automatic doors

Just found this that some bod in Spain has done. Not sure how yet.
It’s a system to open the doors with remote control , annulling the manual opening. It prevents people from open doors and entering the vehicle.


That is awesome!

You just have to admire the ingenuity of some people. No doubt this will be a feature on the Twizy 2!

Okay so here is the kit,

£40 from Amazon, then some fiddling and something to replace the handles if required.

Looks like the boot and doors buttons used as both doors didn’t open together.


Have just completed this on my Twizy using an off the self kit from Amazon approx £40 as Osbrook kindly pointed in the reply above (thanks for that)

Took around most part of a day to install mainly due to cable running and the lack of space, Renault have truly utilised all spare space within the main car body!!! In terms of installing its bit of a pain and you would need a bit of experience in electrics and mechanical workings.

Whilst the off the shelf kit comes with a circuit layout it was not to clear and did require a bit of thinking in terms of cabling i.e cutting, joining to terminals, installing fuses on the circuit and you would also require some mechanical understanding for installing the motors and lock pins to make sure you have the right level of travel for the locks and motors.

Its worth noting that you also have to remove the doors, top dash covers and the front panel and bumper so i dont think this is going to be for the fainthearted that being said if you have a few days and have the Twizy in a garage there is no reason someone could not attempt to install.

How does it work? Well so far pretty well like Osbrook’s video link you can lock and unlock the doors from the remote control fob however to really secure the doors you will be required to remove the handles inside otherwise they override the central locking and well defeat the object of locking due to the Twizy having no windows! For me this causes a problem in that by removing the door handles inside you cant exit once the doors are locked without using the remote…

So i created a hidden switch that acts as a override for:

  1. Open the doors with out using the key fob

  2. If the fob is lost or battery dies i can lean in the window to the hidden button and unlock the doors from outside (rare occasion as battery in fob should last 2 years but i like backup)

Lastly i went one step further and took a bit more thinking on the wiring but all possible with the kit in that unlock button opens the drivers door, the boot button opens the passenger door and lock button locks both doors, you can of course just have the basic wiring so that the unlock button opens both doors but as i have wired the kit to unlock the catch this means the doors open by them selfs and well only want one door to open at a time.

I will try and get a video up soon of it in action :wink:

Good work, just realised that this kit only needs to trip the latches, was thinking they were motorised :).
would imagine its quite straight forward once you have done one.
have you managed to integrate your key blade into the fob, or do you just carry it separate ?

I have worked on the kit some more today, made some changes so that one button opens the drivers door and the boot opens the passenger door then once the door opens it resets the latch so that it auto locks on close, first installed resulted in having to press the lock button.

And with some work i have managed to take the Renault key and place in the fob but this required a lot of filing and cutting the fob as the standard key is to large to fit.

I will put a video up tomorrow of the doors in action and of the fob as off to work now

Sounds like you have been busy :)Fitted my Parrot kit today, that was fun .Looks like you and me know how to change headlamp bulbs now then :wink:

Took a bit longer to get the video up but here is a quick preview of the auto lock and unlock doors i have fitted to the Twizy:


Anders, didn’t realise you owned adcars.co. Tweeted the adcars twitter account the other day to join the forum lol!

Yes only recently become one of the partners of Adcar not had time to announce due to work…, they have just expanded to Twizy’s for car advertising :slight_smile:

Oh rite, looking at the website I thought it was exclusively Twizys that they used? How did you become a partner?

Well yes and no, the staff have prior experience of car advertising but the Adcar is exclusively for Twizys and i know one of the management and was offered a place to join. They are possibly thinking about offering a scheme for other owners to join kind of like a network but that’s still early discussions

The kit does not add much weight to the door, in my example it was the weight of the graphics (they are removable panels) that make the door a bit sticky on lift

Doors have to be removed to install the kit, quite a bit of work involved first time around but now its been done 2nd time around would be a lot quicker and sorry no guide was created due to the time limits i did not have time to record the process

Has anyone disassembled their door panels? I’ve removed all the obvious Torx screws as I need to get to a loose (formerly captive) nut that is rattling inside. I’m wary of breaking the panel as I don’t know whether the door mirrors also play a part! Anyone know?

you need to remove the door mirrors first, all the torx screws then the panel pops off, have fitted central locking kit ti mine make sure that you get one that can be used on cable locks

Excellent ! Many thanks!


How are the mirrors removed?

Turn the mirror inwards until it is flush with the door panel. Firmly grip the outside edge of the plastic surround that faces you and squeeze the corners, the cover them pops out - revealing the two screws holding the mirror bracket in place, (and a single screw retaining the door’s plastic cover underneath).

If you are going on to pop the door cover off, watch/listen for the fixing clips as they can fire off in unusual directions and be a pig to find!