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Autovolt - new ev magazine!

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce our magazine called AutoVolt, dedicated to electric and hybrid vehicles, is now available on **[Magzter[/B] in digital format (in all the app stores) and in print via MagCloud](“http://goo.gl/Ihxb1J”).

It would be great to hear your views and feedback on the magazine, as of course influence and critique are what make things evolve to be better. The main aim is to bring awareness and interest to all and as AutoVolt is the ONLY magazine dedicated to the subject of EVs and hybrids in the UK, it gives a better focal point to the subject. My aspiration is the magazine develops into a resource and authority in an otherwise petrol/diesel biased media.

Available on Magzter in digital here
Available on MagCloud in print here

I look forward to your comments and hope you enjoy the magazine!

J Musk