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Autumn (and Winter) Charging

As temperatures start to fall, we’re seeing a reduction in the range estimates by our Twizy although the trip distance plus range figure remains much the same. The wall watt-hours required to recharge, which we record after every trip (don’t ask) are definitely starting to rise, even though the battery depletion for a given trip doesn’t seem to have changed much. Does anyone know whether charge efficiency changes with temperature on Lithium batteries? If the battery capacity drops with temperature, as it is expected to, I would expect the charger watt-hours to go down, if the charge efficiency is the same.

Mine sits outside 24/7 and I have noticed a full charge taking a bit longer; from 2%-100% was 3hrs 12mins a few weeks ago and 3hrs 25 in the cold weather yesterday.

Not sure of the maths side, but I ignore the range as when I have loads of charge near home, I cane the life out of mine and the range is worked out on an algorithm of the past 3 miles use and the past 90 miles use. As such, mine usually says 33-38 miles on full charge-but it does 40-45 easily.

I ignore the range and treat each battery bar on the display as around 5 miles. I wish you could reset the average range like you can with MPG computers in a car-my driving style depends on how long I need the charge to last for!