Banner Ads

Where are they coming from?

Do I want Barrels of Red Diesel?

How long before the old lady is peeling off her face? :lol:

They’re google ads. Their relevance will probably improve over time. Admittedly there are some dodgy ones that are appearing but I have no control over what is shown, it’s based on what else is on the page and your browsing habits :wink:

Is that why I get Weightwatchers and Chinese bride ads? :lol:

Not sure what these banner ads are now getting at.

Mail order brides, of single people that like to cycle.

the wife won’t be happy!

As mentioned before I have no control over the banner ads. They’re tailored to you and the content on the site. So mail order brides…hmmm lol

I know you have no control, I just think some of the choices are dead random.